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KOKI Tamagoyaki

SHUU Tea-time Weekday Special

1. Get 3 choux puffs for $12 2. Choose between Vanilla, Black Sesame, Matcha, Coffee 3. Valid on Monday to Thursday (excluding PH), 2–5pm 4. While stocks last

KOKI Tamagoyaki

Limited Special: Strawberry

1. While stocks last 2. Not included in Tea Time Special

KOKI Tamagoyaki

$9.80 Spicy Soy Chicken Karaage Bento

For a limited time only

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Latte Taste

I was not enthusiastic about this, cos not a fan of coffee desserts. But it was way nicer than the strawberry that I was looking forward to. This coffee flavor tasted like latte. Creamy milky coffee. I like.

Matcha Choux Puff

$4.30/puff is rather pricey for a cream but it's hugeee. The matcha cream was perfect, not too sweet and goes well with the crispy crust. Also tried the coffee flavour one. Would recommend to try both :)

Strawberry Choux

I don't think it was a sane decision, because any idea of having their large, oozy Choux Puff right after a large bowl of Tendon is not quite the best move to make in the world. Still left satisfied with a happy stomach though; that ever crisp Choux pastry that Shuu is known for with copious amounts of fresh Strawberry cream encased within — the cream even comes with chunks of Strawberry for some bite. Absolutely delightful, as always.

Hazelnut Choux Puff

Because someone had to tell me about the new limited edition flavour, I had to go all the way done to get one. Again, that crusty pastry that is dusted with cocoa powder with a smooth, creamy and nutty Hazelnut cream that never seems to end — probably also one of the least sweet flavours yet that they have came up with too!

Avalanche Of Goodness

Finally got my hands on Matcha Shuu Choux puffs by @koki.tamagoyaki!❤️

The pastry was perfectly crisp and caramelized, with an AVALANCHE of velvety Matcha custard overflowing with every bite. I've to say that the puffs are HUGE! I was really surprised at how heavy the puff felt when I collected it! $4.30 is steep for takeaways but the quality is really good.

Finally got my hands on these @shuuchoux by @koki.tamagoyaki 😍 Matcha | Black Sesame | Earl Grey.

They were all so guuuuuud 😱 can't decide which is my fav, but they were all filled to nearly bursting with a deliciously fragrant cream. Definitely going back for more! #burpple

Earl grey shuu

Being a great fan of their choux puffs, I just had to try their seasonal flavour and the earl grey cream was so fragrant I loved it!

Snack combo bento

Mushroom rice, 3 pieces of tamagoyaki and 2 side dishes for $14.80. This has a good combination of flavours and it tasted great too 😋

Earl Grey Choux Puff

I know, I know. It's Free Cone Day and I should be out there getting ice-cream but let's just say I got my fair share of Ben & Jerry's for my lifetime (it's a very long story that I probably should never ever post) and I favour good cream puffs over ice-cream so yea.

I like how many times I have already been here ever since they opened but it had never disappointed — again the crusty shell and all that's too hard to resist. Couple that together with the Earl Grey flavour that is just launched since yesterday, this was an instant hit with an Earl Grey lover like me. Think of that smooth cream with a hint of tea aroma, enhanced by the tea powder that is dusted atop — guess this is another hit with me again!

Coffee Liquid Love | 4.3bucks

Thin choux with a sugar crumble crust, injected with an outrageous amount of pastry cream, Coffee in this case. My go-to flavour; in my opinion, best from their selection. Coffee ftw!

Liquid Love | 4.3bucks

Thin choux with a sugar crumble crust, injected with an outrageous amount of pastry cream, Matcha in this case. Indulge on.

Shuu (Choux Puff)

Limited edition: Rose flavor. Light rose flavor with overflowing fillings within a thin layer of crispy croquant (S$4.30/puff).

Shuu (Choux Puff)

Finally get to try all 4 flavors: • Coffee • Black Sesame • Matcha • Vanilla • Overflowing fillings within a layer of crispy croquant (S$4.30/puff).
Personally prefer the black sesame filling one because of its nice sesame aroma and taste!

Crispy Choux Please

Cremé custard has very good consistency, it's rich and yes there's vanilla beans to make it extra legit. But i was disappointed by the thin and soggy choux (P.s i ate it right away). Maybe there should be a KOKIxbeard papa collab =best of both worlds.

Coconut Shuu

KOKI Tamagoyaki is back at it again — this time they are offering a Coconut Shuu that again simply impresses with the crisp pastry and that unstoppable flow of cream which only ends when one finishes the puff. The Coconut Shuu is nothing short of refreshing, though is a little more creamier than other coconut-based desserts in terms of balance of the coconut flavour and cream. That being said though, nothing is quite as satisfying as having one of their Shuu puffs — pretty much a sin that one has to commit in any circumstance once caught passing by the stall at the basement of Raffles City.

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