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Chicken Karaage Mentai-mayo on Tamagoyaki.

The Japanese omelette is fluffy and perfectly cooked. I'll definitely be back for more!

KOKI Tamagoyaki

KOKI Tamagoyaki is a Japanese confectionary shop located at B1 of Raffles City. Desserts on display are known as Shuu aka Choux Puffs. 4 flavours were available: Matcha, Black Sesame, Raspberry Rose and Vanilla, each priced at $4.30. Each Shuu is piped with a generous amount of custard filling within a thin layer of crispy croquant. OMG these are so goodddddd and satisfying!

Made a trip down to Raffles City Shopping center to buy these puffs!

The store is located at the basement. Just a small shop selling tamagoyaki and choux puffs. The tamagoyaki bentos are quite pricey, however the puffs are decently priced from $4.30. I ordered the Raspberry & Rose and Earl Grey flavor. Seems like earl grey is the new hipster flavor. Earl grey anything everywhere. The pastry to filling ratio is just awesome! So much cream filling~ Both flavors are subtle and not overly strong.

Shu Choux @ $4.30 each

Flavours available: Vanilla, Black sesame, Matcha, Earl Grey (Special comeback), Raspberry rose (flavour of the month of July).

Had been wanting to try the choux from Koki for a while and it's my first time today! Bought the earl grey and raspberry rose cos they are special flavours. The earl grey tasted light and refreshing - my mum immediately asked for a cup of tea to complement it! The earl grey flavour fills through your nose and lingers in your mouth. Definitely a must try - no wonder this is a special comeback.

When I first bit into the raspberry rose choux, my eyes lit up as the flavour was really distinct with a strong rose smell. Sweetness was just right. The raspberry custard had a sweet touch to the tongue and the rose flavour came through the nose and left an aftertaste. This flavour is July's special flavour - MUST DEFINITELY TRY!

Earl grey cream puff [$4.30] Finally earl grey has made its comeback at @koki.tamagoyaki , available for a limited time till end July!

✨ Being an avid fan of earl grey, I immediately laid my hands on it before these gets off the shelves! The fillings were indeed generous - warning: do be prepared to get ur hands and mouth messy and full of cream if you are consuming it with bare hands! πŸ’₯ The choux puff came with a slightly crisp caramelised surface layer that had a soft and doughy interior, stuffed generously with earl grey cream filling. The earl grey flavoured cream was smooth, creamy with a distinctive, lingering aroma that was pleasant and enjoyable! πŸ’– Though I do wish the earl grey flavour was more intense, it was distinctive enough for both the sense and scent! πŸ˜‹ A puff here is also pretty huge that's great for sharing among 2 or more pax! .
#burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice

Raspberry & Rose Flavor

Choux puff, the outer skin is no longer crispy but the cream was really good. I can taste a little tinge of raspberry with the rose aroma, not over-powering artificial taste (S$4.30). Spot the shimmering rose gold powder.

I like how the cream filling is smooth in texture and rich in sesame fragrance.

But it could have been perfected if the choux puff has that light crisp upon every bite.
Dessert lovers would be glad to know that the same ingredient goes into making Sesame Cake from @dear.nesuto.

Raspberry Rose Shuu

I wasn't even planning to be in Raffles City. But I walked in. I wasn't planning to take a look at the Shuu puffs they had. But somehow I did. I glanced through the display, saw this new flavour and tried walking away. I couldn't. And then next thing I knew, I found myself getting one; oh, the gluttony.

Everything aside, this was a slight twist on one of their previous specials β€” the Rose Shuu; even the glittery pink powder seemed pretty much reminiscent of that particular flavour. I like how this flavour is rather subtle in a good way; the slight sourness from the raspberries tied in really well with the floral, almost Bandung-like rose β€” a rather good infusion of flavours with a good balance despite the lightness. All that in the usual crusty Choux pastry that I love!

Latte Taste

I was not enthusiastic about this, cos not a fan of coffee desserts. But it was way nicer than the strawberry that I was looking forward to. This coffee flavor tasted like latte. Creamy milky coffee. I like.

Matcha Choux Puff

$4.30/puff is rather pricey for a cream but it's hugeee. The matcha cream was perfect, not too sweet and goes well with the crispy crust. Also tried the coffee flavour one. Would recommend to try both :)

Strawberry Choux

I don't think it was a sane decision, because any idea of having their large, oozy Choux Puff right after a large bowl of Tendon is not quite the best move to make in the world. Still left satisfied with a happy stomach though; that ever crisp Choux pastry that Shuu is known for with copious amounts of fresh Strawberry cream encased within β€” the cream even comes with chunks of Strawberry for some bite. Absolutely delightful, as always.

Hazelnut Choux Puff

Because someone had to tell me about the new limited edition flavour, I had to go all the way done to get one. Again, that crusty pastry that is dusted with cocoa powder with a smooth, creamy and nutty Hazelnut cream that never seems to end β€” probably also one of the least sweet flavours yet that they have came up with too!

Avalanche Of Goodness

Finally got my hands on Matcha Shuu Choux puffs by @koki.tamagoyaki!❀️

The pastry was perfectly crisp and caramelized, with an AVALANCHE of velvety Matcha custard overflowing with every bite. I've to say that the puffs are HUGE! I was really surprised at how heavy the puff felt when I collected it! $4.30 is steep for takeaways but the quality is really good.

Finally got my hands on these @shuuchoux by @koki.tamagoyaki 😍 Matcha | Black Sesame | Earl Grey.

They were all so guuuuuud 😱 can't decide which is my fav, but they were all filled to nearly bursting with a deliciously fragrant cream. Definitely going back for more! #burpple

Earl grey shuu

Being a great fan of their choux puffs, I just had to try their seasonal flavour and the earl grey cream was so fragrant I loved it!

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SHUU Tea-time Weekday Special
Till 31 Dec 2017
KOKI Tamagoyaki City Hall


1. Get 3 choux puffs for $12

2. Choose between Vanilla, Black Sesame, Matcha, Coffee

3. Valid on Monday to Thursday (excluding PH), 2–5pm

4. While stocks last