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From the Burpple community

[ Food Review — Brunch (and all-hours) food you can’t go wrong with! ] Due to increasing workload, I’ve been eating out a lot less for brunch/lunch these coming weeks. :’) But because a certain someone was nice enough to swing by for a quick meal today, we ended up convening at our fav hangout spot: Kong!

I was absolutely knackered today, but Hanna was sweet enough to offer us a glass of fresh juice each — orange for me, carrot for him; they’re on the menu too for $6.50–$7 each! — and that perked me right up! I haven’t had juice in literal years, which meant the cups brought back some lovely taste memories. Thank you! What an enchanting way to start the morning!

Today, we were famished. This is a good thing, because it meant one of us could get what is imo one of Kong’s most acclaimed items on the menu: The Kong Breakfast ($23). We added on sausages ($5), because their sausages are actually worth the added calories (Hanna does n o t skim on getting these darlings, trust me ;))! (I got my usual order of Smoked Salmon + Scrambled Eggs & Toast ($16) because I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish… And more importantly, a certain someone who allow me to peck off his plate, heh.)

Let me reinforce why after so long, Kong is still my fav place to be at — their food keeps improving! If it’s obvious enough to folks like us who dine there relatively often, I can only imagine how stark the difference must be to those who have more extended visits.

Why we love the breakfast set is for how cohesive the flavours are. Admittedly, in the early days, you still had to navigate a bit of taste divergence — the salad was too heavily sauced; the egg wasn’t as smooth — that splintered an otherwise unified exp. But not anymore! The full, rounded flavours of the bacon and sausage are mellowed out by the airiness of the eggs, and the sprinkle of salad with its milder dressing refreshed each bite without intruding on the chutney. This is why you’ve gotta get the set if you can — it’s truly scrumptious!

A friendly FYI: Because of the tightened covid restrictions, to keep our fav F&B outlets from being fined, please try to keep your visits under 2 hours, and refrain from doing work/using your laptop/devices unless you’re actually having a meal!

Rabboki is a popular street snack that consist of ramyeon & tteokbokki (Korean rice cakes). I do love spicy food but I have underestimated the spice level for this. This savoury yet sweet & spicy dish really packs a punch, keeps us wanting for more!

6 pieces with spicy sauce, 15++. To borrow a phrase, these are finger licking good! Crisped to perfection, evenly sauced pieces of chicken. Spicy but not overpowering - this is better than some places that specialise just in Korean fried chicken.

King Breakfast, 23 ++. Really wholesome feed; well seasoned omelette, thick bacon, savoury sausage and crunchy (not soggy) sourdough bread to round it off. Everything on the plate works and not even crumbs left at the end!

This might be one of the largest scrambled eggs I’ve ever had at a cafe. There’s so much of it, and it’s so soft, fluffy and creamy, and salted and peppered just right. Love, love the scrambled eggs so much! They gave a humongous amount of hummus too, and the toast was crispy and nicely buttered. I couldn’t finish as the portion was so large. Very worth it for the price!

Seriously surprising find, didn’t know it was nestled in the Sime Darby Centre. Ordered this savory waffles because it’s recommended according to quite a few reviews I’ve read and every time was pretty decent. Felt like the waffles could be smaller and chicken could be a little bigger though for a more balanced portion of carbs and meat haha.

I really enjoy my mocha with oat milk. It was smooth and fragrant.

Cafe Kong was surprisingly relatively packed for a weekday breakfast. I was there slightly 9.30ish.

Actually thought the cafe was more interesting cause of the Korean twist to basic brunch items which was nice! Only not so good point was that, which our drinks came fast, our food took quite some time. But I will definitely give this place another shot!