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30 Victoria Street
#01-17/K5A/K5B CHIJMES
Singapore 187996

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11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

11:30am - 09:30pm

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Got myself a hot bowl of Shoyu Hamaguri Soup with sous vide chashu, black truffle sauce, spring onions, porcini mushroom sauce and leek. While it all sounds very posh, what with the truffle and porcini mushroom, I must say this bowl is way too salty for me. The sodium seemed to have overpowered all flavours in the ramen since I couldn’t taste any sweetness from the clam. Couldn’t help myself from reaching out for the ice cold tea to quench my thirst.⁣⁣

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Finally got my lazy ass to visit Konjiki, the famous shellfish broth ramen from Japan which has been awarded a Michelin Star.⁣⁣
To start off the meal, every diner is offered a bowl of complimentary Fukugawa Meshi (clam rice). This small portion of clam rice was sweet and tasty, and definitely woke up my dormant stomach for the upcoming bowls of ramen.⁣

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Broth is made of clam and pork bones. U can smell and taste the special seafood flavor because of the clam. However, it's a bit too salty for me.

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shio ramen with white truffle oil and a clams-based soup. soup was light and fragrant (they didn’t skimp on the truffle), had a lovely depth of flavour quite unlike other means places. ramen was decent, meat was a tad bit too tough. the highlight here is definitely the soup base 😛

shoyu ramen was not bad too but if you prefer a lighter soup, go for the shio! (my personal preference) a warm, comforting meal definitely worthy of its michelin star 💫

$14.90++ | 9/10

Looking like a Thai green curry or a Nonya curry, this was a creation of their distinct light and flavourful broth with fragrant creamy coconut milk. Not spicy so it was definitely easy for anyone to enjoy, especially those who love the lemak Asian flavours with coconut.

When it comes to ramen in Singapore, one can expect to find a bustling and vibrant culture of old-school Japanese ramen experts and new kids on the block presenting innovative ramen recipes at the heart of it all. Finding a place for that hearty sensation of cupping a warm bowl of broth as you take slurp after slurp of the irresistible noodles is no harder than spending 1 minute on the web to look for the closest retreat.
Enter Konjiki Hototogisu, an established ramen chain founded in 2006 by Chef Atsushi Yamamoto. With a 4-year consecutive Tokyo Michelin Bib Gourmand and a glistening Michelin Star (2019) under its belt, Konjiki Hototogisu is no stranger to the ramen scene, and has even recently opened its fourth outlet in Singapore at the crowd-drawing Jewel Changi Airport. After pushing a much needed visit to the establishment for weeks on end, I managed to check out their CHIJMES restaurant just a few weeks shy of the arrival of the fourth.
In a brief interjection of sorts, I would like to mention that there is always a delightful feeling of rapture and inspiration upon hearing the kitchen crew and the front of house staff welcoming you with a unified yell.
I had to try their signature Shio Hamaguri Soup Ramen ($14.90++), which boasted a wonderfully light yet complex broth made from hamaguri clams, tai (red sea bream), a shio tare that consists of a masterful blend of Mongolian rock salt and natural Okinawan sea salt, and finished with an elegant touch of Italian white truffle oil. The subtleties of the broth were only heightened by the sheer textural ingenuity of their homemade noodles that utilise 6 different types of flour in its creation. It was rather aptly served with a complimentary side dish of a small serving of rice with clams, which was nice.
Considering my advocacy of the tonkotsu broth in all things ramen, I’m pleased to say that Konjiki Hototogisu’s signature Shio Hamaguri Soup Ramen has taken the throne in my Shoyu/Shio ramen list as my favourite clear broth ramen. A must-try.