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From the Burpple community

The place is cozy and they have a simple menu. We redeemed the Lava Set & Drink ($14.90) which comes with a lava cookie (choc/matcha) and choice of an ice cream flavor (from about 18 flavors) and a cup of tea.

💵 ~$14.80
⭐ 5/5

Not usually a fan of chocolate but this changed my mind! Bbeyond 1for1 comes with a choice of tea (unique flavours that taste really good)

Seriously, what can go wrong with lava cookie with ice cream? As long as the lava flows, i’m sold!

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Raspberry lychee on chocolate lava vs Blue chai Hokkaido milk on matcha lava. Which one is your favourite?

Sweet, delicious, worth it!
$14.80 for 2 cookies(any ice cream) & 2 drinks

What exactly: “Chocolate molten cookie + single scoop ice cream.” — menu. I chose cereal milk for my ice-cream. As for the drink, I chose a hot English Breakfast.

Price on menu: $8.80 for the set + $4.00 for the tea = $12.80

Thoughts on food: Perfect combination, except it can get quite jelak.

Will I order this again: Yes but more likely if there is 1-for-1. Not because it is not worth it but because I am just trying to save my money.

Will I visit this place again: YES. Even without the 1-for-1. I’ve always loved Kooks’ affordable yet amazing ice-cream.