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They have a few set of breakfast that you could order. For the set c, it comes with the soft boiled eggs, peanut toast and a drink.

Sadly the egg yolks was already in solid state.

Interesting concept where payment kiosks are set up for order and digital payment. I can sit down and wait for my queue number instead of waiting in line. However the store tender of the Japanese store really irked me - seems like her only job is to prepare the meals and leave it on the countertop. I tried to call her a few times to ask which bowl of miso was mine and there was no reply as she was in the kitchen. Salmon was pathetically thin, and rice was DRY and HARD. But beef portion was generous. Based on overall quality of food and shoddy customer service I would not visit again.

Pulut Biru Chendol $3.30 only.
Classic chendol ingredients, two type of red beans, gula melaka, coconut milk & crush ice.
Salted blue glutinous rice ball.

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Tasty Hainanese Salted Baked Chicken Thigh & 2 Rice Balls.
With sautéed cabbage & bowl of soup.
Only $7.50.


Kopitech (Kopitiam food court) at the newly revamped funan mall feature self service e-payment koisks and what’s most interesting is one of the payment mode is by Crytocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethreum and Creatanium) 😱
Also, all orders at the food court comes with queue no. you no longer need to queue physically and wait for your food to be ready. You can basically find your seats and wait for your queue no to appear on the several screens located around the food court.

For $5.90 you get a grilled chicken drumstick, curry soaked rice, sambal, omelette and cabbage. Delicious and filling.