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From the Burpple community

Ginseng chicken soup, pork and mackerel, beef bibimbap.
All for under $30.

I decided to try other dish (Saba Fish + BBQ Pork) ($8.50) and didn't expected that they increase pricing since last month via google search. :") inflation sucks tbh as 9% GST increases next year ownards. But then good thing I went early for lunch hours before 12.30 p.m. you expected long queue to wait for 30 mins for ordering food tbh. I saw the signboard show hot stone bbimbap (as previously I have tried before) and saba fish were best selling dish on the store. Saba Fish with lemon usually removing fish smell before consuming whereas BBQ Pork marinated with sauce. I kinda disappointed by the serving size tbh :"O but then they give more kimchi and marinated anchovies for sides. Saba Fish got really freshly cooked taste and garnish with sauce whereas BBQ Pork was slightly salty tbh.

Hotpot Bibimbap ($7.90)

I decided to try hotstone bibmbap ($7.90) as bad thing that the sauce inside the bibmbab they already added to mix through and don't felt too much spicy. The bibmabab got a lot of vegtables such as bean sprout, cucumber, carrot, lettuce, chicken and seaweed. I really enjoy to mix bibmbap with raw egg together. It come with side dish (kimchi & anchovies) and free flow miso soup with purchase of any mains.

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A really affordable Korean place at Fortune Centre that always has long queues during lunch. Don’t fret, manned by a friendly Korean man, the queue moves fast and there are plenty of seats. The Bibimbap portion (with your choice of meat) is generous and it never fails to hit the spot. Add extra meat at $1 more!

This place also provides free flow seaweed soup.

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Had this BBQ Pork Set ($7.50) and quite cheap and decent in CBD. Nothing much to complain about

Overall a very flavourful and tasty dish and portion was decent. The gojuchang sauce was just enough, not too spicy, and the vegetables were fresh and crunchy. It came sizzling hot so the bottom rice might get a little charred which was delicious. They even gave kimchi and anchovies side dish, and free flow miso soup which very nicely complemented the bibimbap.

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