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This BCM is good. The liver tasted fresh and the fish all texture rather bouncy.

Overall very satisfied

Hmmm not the white beehoon I was expecting. This is more of sliced fish beehoon soup with the addition of a few clams. Pretty light on the palate.

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From Hup Lee, the reliable chain. I'm generally anti fish fillet but theirs is thick and juicy!

From Hup Lee, the reliable chain. I love economical beehoon so much.

From Hup Lee, the reliable chain. Give me a packet of fried beehoon with chilli and basic ingredients and I'd be happy.

Dishes are quite limited due to the space they have but it has always been the same over the years. I always remember them whenever I'm around Kovan and craving for some vegetarian noodles. They serve really huge and filling portion of bee hoon with curry and 3 dishes for just $3. I had mine with fried beancurd skin, vegetarian char siew and potatoes. Their green beans with scramble eggs is also one of my favourites. Nothing special but a hearty and filling breakfast.

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