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From the Burpple community

Oh, that’s before we dug in and had to reconstruct it back.

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This was a huge disappointment. What was meant to be a comforting soup for a friend turned out to be just MSG filled water. I almost had to guzzle two bottles of water down after this meal because of this. I don’t know why but this trip I find that the restaurants have increased their usage of MSG. Not happy.

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This was one of them. Garlic river prawns! We saw other tables having them and couldn’t resist temptation. They were really good and the garlic oil and all that head miso, you just to have some of the Thai fragrant rice to mop them all up.

I am just curious how this was cooked. Yum yum.

This came highly recommended by @happygreedyfoodie and I am glad we ordered it. Thick, yet fluffy inside and not at all oily, a real treat for crab and egg lovers. I enjoyed this.

Krua Apsorn aced this. Chunky pieces of crab meat stir fried in a mildly spicy curry powder. The shallots and onions added tings of natural sweetness to the overall flavour. Loved this!