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Kuai San Dian Xin (all dim sum items prices at $1.30). We visited the Jurong lakeside branch at Saturday dinner time, and they were only left with 2 fried items and no cheecheongfan. So it was quite a limited range from which we could choose from. I will say the fried seafood roll we got wasn't nice? It tasted like frozen food items haha. The porridge is like rice mixed in water kind, and not the mushy congee type that I would have preferred. No complains about the siewmai. Best to come here in day time where there would be more items to choose from!

This store is a winner, with it being open around the clock and having dim sum for just $1.30 - think the classics: crispy beancurd rolls, hargao, hk cheecheongfun, fried yam balls!! All for $1.30. We had to stop ourselves from ordering more.

Quick tip: plan the numbers you want before you order to make it fast. Dim sum fast food ftw

(This spread totals about $14.30 for 3 people)

I'm happy another $1.30 dim sum stall opened so near me. Food's okay, but it's cheap!

Chanced upon a Kuai San Dim Sum outlet in AMK which is open 24 hours! Every serving is priced at $1.30 and serving size is just right to order multiple dishes to try. Don’t expect quality that is out of the world, but taste wise is pretty decent for the price point.

A pretty decent dim sum offerings tucked in a buzzing coffeeshop in AMK. Everything is priced at $1.30 so don't expect out-of-the-world quality. My favourite of the lot is the deep fried yam and chee cheong fan with prawn. The pao was also pretty cheap- $1.30 for 2 pcs! Heard that they made all the dim sum in house, but not too sure about that though it's definitely better than the frozen dim sum quality. Will be back soon!


Why is it so special?
Is not just for the price point, but their Dim Sum are Freshly Hand Made by batch! 4 person running the place.
(Use your 👀 to observe)
Why is it so good??
🔹Siew Mai/Har Gow/Bo Cai Jiao/Jiu Cai Jiao ~ Freshly wrap, Thin Layer of Skin, Filling gaogao🤣🤣 [Unlike the one you got from supplier the (double frozen) is already 1 con and will make the skin very dry and jelat.]
🔹Century Egg Porridge ~ Ratio of Rice:Water (2:3), with half serving of Century Egg & 20~25g of Lean Pork. Definitely worth your monies and calories😂😂
What are their operating hours?
24/7 (They serve you at anytime when you have your dimsum craves🤤🤤)
Where is it?
1.Primz Bizhub,
21 Woodlands Close,
Singapore (737854)
2.Blk 346A Kang Ching Road, Singapore (622346)
Open on the 16th July 2019
3. Blk 555 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore (560555)
P.S. Insider info by one of the
咖啡嫂(Kopi Sou) Do not visit from 430am ~ 1030am is usually about 45mins to an hour queue! So hop by after that timing😁😁
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