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A family heirloom of a recipe which I've yet to master, unfortunately. Ok, that's all.

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But now, having learned, albeit briefly, the art of pickling in culinary school and the effort it takes to make sure the crunch is just right and the flavour is that "weird" one I used to despise, I appreciate it so much more now. And also, the fact that it is someone's job to make that pickled cucumber slices. Ok, that's all.

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Some days, we would eat hotdog buns instead because they were only 40 sen each. With the leftover 20 sen, we would then buy two packs of Mi-Mi ("prawn"-flavoured it). I'm laughing to myself as I typed this. 😂 Ok, that's all.

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And my favourite chicken + coconut shoot curry. Ok, that's all.


Chinese long cabbage, fish maw and dried scallops are first slowly simmered, then meatballs made with minced pork + dried sole fish are added to the mix, and how can I forget her must-hand-chopped-and-fried-from-scratch garlic oil for "fragrance". Ok, that's all.

And I mean, really, look at that crust. Ok, I mean, that's all.