Japan's Number 1 Kushikatsu chain with over 160 outlets, Kushikatsu Tanaka, is famous for its fried cutlet skewers and signature dipping sauce. Diners can also enjoy popular Osaka street food and Japanese alcoholic beverages like Jim Beam Highball at this lively kushikatsu izakaya.
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3A River Valley Road
#01-01B Block A Merchant's Court Clarke Quay
Singapore 179020

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Very nice finish to a satisfying meal. Served with hersheys sauce as you like.

Left to right, oysters (3), salmon (2 horizontal pieces on a stick), on the right aji mackerel (double) and we loved it and at the bottom 2 bacon cheese.. Ok for me. Nothing exciting. Everything served crisp and hot and juicy. But they don't serve water free, you have to buy a bottle for $5. Sake is 140ml at $9 and it's good quality for the price. Not harsh, quite smooth (we had it hot).

In its first foray outside of Japan, where it has 168 shops, Kushikatsu Tanaka has found its first international outpost here in Singapore's Clarke Quay. They specialise in Osaka-style skewers ($1 to $2.50), crumbed in panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) and deep-fried till perfectly golden. Burppler Dex Neo especially loves their Oyster, Shrimp and Asparagus Kushikatsu ($2.50 each). Apart from all that deep-fried deliciousness, consider sharing the Chiritori Hotpan Beef ($18 for small, $34 for large) with a friend or two. The sizzling hotpan dish sees sliced beef and wagyu beef intestines (uh huh!) cooked over a bed of bean sprouts — amazing! Afterwards, you can opt to add the Cheese Curry Risotto ($7) into the pan to further soak up all that goodness.
Avg price: $30
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

Japan’s number 1 Kushikatsu Chain with over 165 outlets just in Japan is here in Singapore!
Beside their must try Signature Kushikatsu, you should check out this Chiritori Hotpan + Risotto ($18.00/2 pax for beef, $16.00/2pax for pork) Sizzling hotpan dish of beef slice / pork served on a bed of beansprouts, topped with beef offal and chilli powder.
Cover charge of $3.00 for sauce / cabbage per pax, no 10% service charge.
Location: @kkt.sg 3A River Valley Road, Merchants’ Court Clarke Quay Block A, #01-01B, Singapore 179020
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I’m quite sure I’ll be back just for this. A sizzling hotpan of bean sprouts soaking up that spicy, rich broth was the perfect backdrop for all that beef! Consisting of beef slices and wagyu beef big intestines (how crazy is that), I was blown away by how shiok this entire dish was!

Their intestines aren’t like what you’d expect. There’s a thin layer of the usual intestine lining but attached is like a mound of rich, collogen-y goodness that’ll have you digging back in for more!

You can get curry cheese risotto ($7) to add into the broth afterwards. We didn’t try doing that but it’s something I’m definitively going to do the next time I’m back.

Kushikatsu Tanaka has made its foray out of Japan where they have 168 shops and the first Asian outlet outside of Japan is right here in Clark Quay! Specializing in Osaka-style fried skewers ($1-$2.50), these panko coated morsels will have you chugging down Jim Beam highballs all night long.

I’d definitely be back for their oyster, shrimp & asparagus kushikatsus ($2.50/each). They have other interesting fried items like cookies and cream too, which is basically a deep-fried Oreo (though that’s not really my thing). And the Chiritori Hotpan? Moaaaar please!

Here, you gotta work for your food. 😝 A fun aspect at Kushikatsu Tanaka is that many items have an element of DIY like this potato salad or their onigiri and takopachi.

Mash it up to the consistency you’d like and dig in. Tasty and tastes like how you’d expect it with little bacon bits and egg.

Left to right (some double) are onion, beef, pork, lotus root (double top right), sweet potato (smaller round). At the top most is asparagus for $2.50 which the nice server told us is a must order.

The skewers are coated with fine panko (breadcrumbs with a light, flaky texture) crumbs and fried in an unique blend of oil which includes beef fats.
Also being featured is the Chiritori Hotpot and Risotto which is a sizzling hot pan dish served on a huge chunk of beansprouts and paired with pork or beef and wagyu beef big intestines and chilli powder.
After the meal, one can cook curry cheese risotto on the pan to savour the essence of the remaining broth.
🏢 3A River Valley Road, Merchant Court Clarke Quay Block A 01-01B Singapore 179020
🕚Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 12.00pm to 2.30pm, 5.00pm to 12.00am
Saturday, Sunday
💲Cost: $1.00 to $2.50 for each skewer stick, $16.00 or $18.00 for 2 for Chiritori Hotpot
💌Tks @brandcellar for hosting and @_boyz86 for extending the invite!
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