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Reviews of good food at KUVO

The spread boasts an extensive variety of enticing creations at wallet-friendly pr­ices. Don't forget to check Kuvo out the next time you're in town! More deets on the blog soon~~~
Prices: Weekday Dinn­er $38++, Weekend Lu­nch $32++, Weekend Dinner $41++

The spread included a 1-time serving of some tasty dishes such as, Suckling pig with prawn paste on toast, steamed garlic blue mussels, truffle risotto with abalone, etc. Then, there was an unlimited serving of dishes from starters, vegetables, meat, staples and desserts.
This was the Suckling pig crispy skin with prawn paste on toast. The prawn paste and toast were a good combination for a more substantial filling with crunchy base to the desirable crispy skin.
The good thing was that the dishes came in small portions so that we could try almost all of the items on the list. And the tummy should be stuffed after 1 round by the end of the list. Overall, quite a worthy meal considering the spread, their presentation, service and the comfort of the restaurant.

State your choice of alcohol base, preferred taste and texture of your drink and let the bartender do the magic. We had a total of 8 cocktails that were distinctively pleasant on their own.
The drinks took us past midnight unknowingly as we chatted in the cosy setting.

Gazpacho De Botanist ($20)
House infused roasted garlic, rosemary, dehydrated vine-ripe tomato botanist gin, fresh red bell pepper, fresh lime, balsamic vinegar & truffle oil
Mixologist: Yutaka Nakashima, @KuvoSingapore
Specialty savoury cocktails at the grand Elixir Bar valid only till the last day of @SGCocktailFest (tomorrow).

The following are some of the mixes I managed to try! (left to right):
1. Kyo-Gimlet - House Kyoto infused botanist gin, fresh lemon juice & homemade genmal tea syrup
2. Da Bomb Cilantro Julep 💕- Mount Gay rum, lemoncello, sambal Andaluman Chili paste, simple syrup, fresh lemon & coriander
3. Scottish Tablet - Bruichladdich whisky, bacherovka liquer, salted caramel sauce, black walnuts bitter, condense milk & egg yolk
4. Gazpacho De Botanist 💕- House infused roasted garlic, rosemary, dehydrated vine-ripe tomato botanist gin, fresh red bell pepper, fresh lime, balsamic vinegar & truffle oil
Psst. My heart goes to all the savoury cocktails!
Each glass is priced at $20++
Small plates like their Kuvo Hot Wings, Pork Dumplings & Seafood Radish Cake are also specially priced during this period at 2 for $18++
Many thanks to @KuvoSingapore & @FoodNewsPR for the great hospitality! & Also @Oo_Foodielicious for extending the invite 🙌🏻
📍Kuvo Singapore
#02-01 Orchard Shopping Centre
321 Orchard Road, S238866
Mon-Thu: 5pm-1am | Fri-Sun: 5pm-2am

Oh and you will get to enjoy a complimentary choice of Sauvignon Blanc or Moscato d'asti. (ONLY Limited to only the first 20 reservation ah)
So many seafood 😋
You can choose from 4 different sauce base:
- White wine garlic chilli
- Bonito broth
- Spicy chorizo tomato
- Brandy beurre blanc

Hurry visit @kuvosingapore to enjoy this!😍

(Limited to only the first 20 reservation)
Seafood pot for those seafood lovers. You get to enjoy crab, prawns, scallops, mussels, crayfish. Choose from 4 different sauce base:
- White wine garlic chilli
- Bonito broth
- Spicy chorizo tomato
- Brandy beurre blanc

Was quite skeptical with white wine garlic but we went ahead anyway and we enjoyed every bit of it.
Thank you @kuvosingapore and Cherron for hosting.

Thanks for the lunch @kuvosingapore, and for the company @rog3rgoh @daannyng @_seeseensaw_! 🦐🦀 #sp

- White Wine Garlic Chili
- Spicy Chorizo Tomato
- Bonito Broth
- Brandy Beurre Blanc
For our dinner we chose Brandy Beurre Blanc. Didn't think that we could finish this but in the end we managed to finish it. Loved how the sauce came together. It was creamy but still light. Dip your slices of warm bread in it to soak in all the goodness in the sauce 😋😋😋
This Seafood Pot is good for 2-3 pax ($80++).
Receive complimentary bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or Moscato d'Asti from #CellarSeller (limited to first 20 reservations).
Also stand a chance to win Cellar Seller's Festive Wine Bundle worth $112 by following @kuvosingapore and share your dining experience with hashtag #PotSocialite. 3 bundles to be won, winners will be announced on 22 Dec.
321 Orchard Road #02-01 Orchard Shopping Centre S238866
Ph: 6733 8772
Thanks @instasg for extending the invitation and @kuvosingapore for hosting us.

Love the rich, luscious hazelnut and chocolate filling within the satisfiyingly crisp filo pastry.

Sitting right at Kuvo on a Friday night and found enlightenment in this seemingly humble menu item. A mélange of sweet and salty and crispy and warm and and and and sooooo goood. It's also crafted right out of freshly baked croissant, how genius is that!

This is one of e items that we have ytd. I was quite surprise to find Slipper Lobster Laksa ($14, small plate portion) at Kuvo. My colleagues and I have totally enjoyed it. The gravy was thick and flavoursome. Though there is only 100g of noodles, I think it is more than enuff for people who wants a light lunch. I shall be back again to try other dishes soon.

Pan-seared ribeye steak with medium doneness reveals a glistening pink in its meat. Tender and juicy against the well marinated black pepper brown steak. Nothing more could I ask for with such a delicacy and a picturesque night view of the orchard streets lights.

The Kurobuta Yakiniku Donburi (S$16++). Nothing can go wrong with grilled prized Kurobuta pork over warm Japanese rice.

The pork was sweet and extremely juicy which made this a comforting but very safe dish. The egg was a bit overdone as the yolk trickled like creeping magma instead of flowing honey but it's still a dish you would lick the plate clean with your tongue.

This dish is part of a tasting for @kuvosingapore's new concept and food menu.

One of the best English Scotch Eggs (S$14++) I've had.

The scotch egg is coated with a melted layer of Edam cheese surrounded by a moat of red onion au jus. Besides the egg, there's also a layer of Wagyu beef or alternatively, one can choose veal or tuna depending on his or her preference

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