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From the Burpple community

Fresh fish slices, fried yam, chinese cabbage, tomatoes, seaweed and dried flat fish. The sliced fishes were fresh and the broth is savoury and addictive at the same time. I like the fried yam which was fragrant and leaves a nice touch to the soup 》$29


Plump and juicy clams coated with sauce but it felt like it's missing some flavours to it. The ginger and onion did not help to bring out the flavours to the dish. The overall dish taste pretty one dimensional but thankfully the clams were fresh and chewy 》$10

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Sweet and sour tender pork ribs sprinkled with sesame 》$9

Chicken winglets fried till golden and crispy. While it was quite tender and juicy, the fragrance and taste of shrimp paste was mild that we couldn't really taste it 》$9

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Baby Kai Lan with Garlic

'Fu Rong' Omelette

Salted Egg Pork Ribs

Claypot Tofu
Tofu, black fungus, prawns, vegetables & yam slices 》$9/Small

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Our tze char order has a waiting time of 45mins so we decided to get some wings from the western stall to munch on 》$1.40/Pc

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