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From the Burpple community

At first glance, this looks like a fusion of bcm and wonton noodles except it uses kolo mee. Although it looks dry and plain, the soy sauce used together with fragrant shallot oil is good enough to make it aromatic and tasty. Each bowl comes with extremely springy noodles, minced pork, slices of char siew, lard and a dollop of their homemade fiery chilli.

Beware of their devil chilli that burns but at the same time make me crave for more. I like their noodles which are super springy with a light and good texture without the alkaline taste. The minced pork is also well seasoned and flavourful 》$4/small

📍 Lin Yu Mei Sarawak Kolo Mee 林玉梅

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This bowl of mee siam is too sweet for my taste buds. I prefer my mee siam to have a balance of sweet and sour. Available only on weekends. Heard that their nasi padang and chilli is good though 》$3 + $0.80 Begedil

📍Oma Muslimah Kitchen

Simple Zi Char place in Anchorvale with surprisingly good and very affordable food. We ordered small portions. Cereal chicken (above), stingray, prawn paste chicken, sweet potato leaves with sambal and hotplate tofu. It was about $10 per dish and the service was very fast. I don't think I will go into describing each dish, but I would say that overall it was a really good meal. I've been on a hunt for good ZiChar cereal chicken. So far the best I've had is at Primz Bizhub. But I think this one is comparable or even better in fact. The cereal was very crispy yet not oily. It had a very nice buttery taste to it too. Come on just look at it hahaha

Fresh fish slices, fried yam, chinese cabbage, tomatoes, seaweed and dried flat fish. The sliced fishes were fresh and the broth is savoury and addictive at the same time. I like the fried yam which was fragrant and leaves a nice touch to the soup 》$29


Plump and juicy clams coated with sauce but it felt like it's missing some flavours to it. The ginger and onion did not help to bring out the flavours to the dish. The overall dish taste pretty one dimensional but thankfully the clams were fresh and chewy 》$10

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Sweet and sour tender pork ribs sprinkled with sesame 》$9