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The pork melt in the mouth, comes with 1.5 onsen eggs and tasty seaweeds. They offers free large noodles and the soup is very tasty! If you prefer light broth, go for non burnt pork broth ramen. The most salty is the burnt miso ramen follow by the soy sauce ramen.
The gyoza is alright.
1290 yen for the noodles.
Take note of their operating hours.


the burnt miso ramen at gogyo in kyoto is located a stone’s throw from nishiki market. rich, salty and heart warming, it is the perfect dish to eat on a cold night. remember to drink plenty of water after, though! It can get quite heaty.

This kasgoshi-style ramen is hands down the best friggin ramen I've ever tasted.
This cooking style gives the ramen a unqiue wok hei flavor and together with the combination of melt-in-your-mouth fatty poem along with minced meat makes this an extraordinary, gastronomic trips your can ever embark upon.
If you're in Osaka, you owe it to yourself to try it! Looks like the 1 hour train ride to Kyoto was worth it.

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The burnt miso brought a different dimension to the usual pork broth that we are all used to.
It was richer in flavor though slightly oily.
There was also a burnt sesame variation, which gave a nuttier flavor to the rich creamy pork broth.
Definitely worth a visit while in Kyoto.
Monster wants to eat more burnt stuff in ramen
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Now needless to say, the burnt caramelization of the lard (wok hei) really added to the flavor of the stock; Think a liquid version of bbq meats in a good way. I was glad I ordered extra cabbage as this helped offset the oiliness just a little. Definitely worth a try although a cooling herbal drink might handy soon afterwards. @danielfooddiary calls this his favorite ramen in Japan !

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They burn the pork fat to create a broth that is blackish in colour with a smoky flavour. It was unlike anything i’ve tried before and very delicious!
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