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From the Burpple community

Comes as part of the 5 kinds of assorted sashimi. Wasn’t very impressed with the freshness of the amberjack. Meat wasn’t as firm and lacks the natural sweetness.

Finally a place which serves a true kobore (overflowing) ikura bowl! The piece de resistance of the omakase course at Kyuu ($129)

Kagoshima A4 Wagyu beef with red wine sauce as part of their Omakase course [$99++]. Tasted pretty bland on its own. Fortunately there was amble red wine sauce to go around.

All the food were good and my favourite courses were the sashimi platter and grilled beef. The prawn was especially big and sweet. And using charcoal to grill the meat makes the difference. The grilled pork dipped in egg was an interesting combination too. Really value for money with the eatigo discount!!

So fresh. Esp the scallop and salmon (not exaggerating but both my friend and I agreed that this is one of the best salmon sashimi we have ever had)


Taste: 5/5

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In Japan, it’s customary at some izakayas to insist guests have an appetiser with their first drink, and so it is too at Kyuu in Keong Saik. I’m normally averse to having anything forced upon me, but I’m more than happy that this was, because one look at this beautifully plated appetiser of sauce soaked fried fish and monkfish liver in ponzu would change anybody’s mind.

Taste: 3.5/5