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#01-02 Serene Centre
Singapore 258748

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Reviews at La Petite Cuisine (Bukit Timah)

Reviews of good food at La Petite Cuisine (Bukit Timah)

Pan seared Tuna steak. Juicy. With white rice and petite beans.

Tossed al dente spaghetti with strips of ham. C’est Délicieux.

Awesome flavourful soup, hot and sip slowly. Add some hard roll. Enjoy.

It's been so long since I last came here. I remember I came here for evening dates while donning my white and blue uniform. The tuna loin was carefully seared leaving a tinge of pink in the middle. The flavors were amazing- especially how well the meat, seasoning, parsley went together. This place screams value for money!

Used to frequent the outlet at Thomson Road before they closed, so I was happy to be at the Serene Centre outlet on a fine Friday.
Pictured is goat cheese that is not for the faint hearted but those who love strong, savory cheese. 2 slabs on perfectly butter soft roll and a hearty portion of greens that helps balance out the rich entree.

Absolutely one of the best duck confit in Singapore :) It was fulfilling.

Excellent dish!!! The seasoning was perfect and each element was cooked to perfection. The salmon skin was crispy and the flesh still juicy and flakes easily. The gravy had a balanced tartness to creaminess and the baby spinach was tender. My favourite was the buttered rice which just made me going for more.

Must try!!! (preferred this to the duck confit though the duck was nice too)

The skin was crisp and the meat tender. Potato gratin was quite creamy. Maybe I expected too much so the dish was just delicious rather than phenomenal. Very reasonable price though!!

Affordable quality western cuisine in a hidden gem tucked away in a quiet corner of Serene Center. My main ($17) had a generous portions of well-seared tuna served with a side of fragrant butter rice and sautéed asparagus. Also ordered an appetiser of olive-oiled salmon slices on a bed of baby spinach ($14). And all meals are served with warm bread rolls and butter. Lovely ambience, hospitable customer service and great food! One of my favourite places ❤️

Think again. I thought this will taste just normal. I tried the duck and the sirloin steak. Both are beautifully done. The sauce are superb!! Simple yet dancing in my mouth. I'm going to try all their menu!

Find accidentally because I was looking for Island Creamery next door. Love the sauce which have the balsamic flavour. The confit is beautifully done with the crisp skin. The place is not your super elegant style but I can assure you the food are superb!

Our personal favourite is the croissant with escargot and salad, but pictured was the fillet salmon with baby spinach and butter rice, which is equally mouth-watering. Their dishes sound so simple yet are executed so well and friendly-priced without robbing your bank account.

I was expecting a plate of dry, garlicky and buttery (or oily) escargots like a typical escargot dish as an entrée. Yet, what came to me was a totally different rendition of escargot. Unpretentious, delectable and one-of-a-kind. While the croissant is soaking in the strong flavourful tomato-ey sauce, the escargot itself is juicy and sweet. Simply irresistible.

A very nice and simple restaurant with friendly waiter and waitress, and the food came in less than 5 minutes! They even asked us how was the food and etc. A pity that their main chef wasn't here today. He chit-chat with us when we first came! If you're expecting a $12-$18 dish, this is definitely worth the try. Spag with Ham and cream (aka carbonara) was not only very delicious, it was affordable too!

A must to come again!

Located just a short stroll away from Botanic Garden MRT. Read many reviews saying service is bad, but I think the more appropriate description would be that the staff are brazen. The salmon stuffed macaroni was largely unimpressive, with somewhat stale and dry bits of salmon in the macaroni. However the tangy milky sauce was the saving grace. Duck confit was good, fork tender meat and perfectly crisped skin. With velvety chunks of potato, topped with a balanced sourish and sweet sauce.

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