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Lady M® Confections is the pioneer of the well-loved Mille Crêpe cake. Its signature cake Lady M® Mille Crêpes, features no less than twenty paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with ethereal light pastry cream, gently caramelized on top until golden. Combining French pastry techniques with Japanese etiquette of precision, Lady M® Confections prides itself on creating the freshest and finest cakes and confectionary delights. Since opening its first 600sq ft cake boutique in New York’s Upper East Side in 2001, Lady M® has assembled a phenomenal little black book of fans state-side, from the likes of domestic goddess Martha Stewart, to Supermodel, Linda Evangelista and Japanese fashion designer, Issey Miyake – and now she’s in Asia.

3 Gateway Drive
#02-25/26 Westgate
Singapore 608532

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10:30am - 10:00pm

10:30am - 10:00pm

10:30am - 10:00pm

10:30am - 10:00pm

10:30am - 10:00pm

10:30am - 10:00pm

10:30am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

I guess the sentiments about Lady M have changed quite a fair bit ever since their early days in Singapore at Marina Square, but I still hold the opinion of their Mille Crepes being one of the better and more accessible ones with multiple outlets around that readily satisfies my cravings for a Mille Crepe.

Launched in November of this year, the Truffle Mille Crepe is their latest addition to their series of the flavoured Mille Crepes, which includes flavours like the Green Tea Mille Crepes, Champagne Mille Crepes and Rose Mille Crepes; just to name a few. The Truffle Mille Crepe is described to be made of handmade chocolate crèpes, dark chocolate-truffle cream, chocolate ganache, truffled leuillantine, and cacao nibs. It is also said that the Truffle Mille Crepe features chocolate from the Caribbean Islands. Whilst most would have expected the cake to be more of a chocolate truffle creation, the Truffle Mille Crepe was pretty much a surprise for what it is — a cake that had seemingly incorporated the use of truffle for a slight savoury twist. Amidst the dark chocolate-truffle cream spread across the multiple layers of handmade chocolate crepes is the truffled leuillantine; think of them as small, truffle-infused crumbles that comes with a distinct truffle aroma that attempts to create a sweet-savoury note together with the chocolate elements — pretty adventurous and tickles the tastebuds in a rather intriguing way that catches one by surprise on the very first bite. Otherwise, the Mille Crepe isn’t overly sweet, and comes tightly packed between the layers so it doesn’t quite shift around the layers and disintegrates layer-by-layer as one slices through the cake; something I quite adore about Lady M’s Mille Crepes in general.

At $12 a slice, the Truffle Mille Crepe is probably one of the more pricier options in Lady M’s menu (the priciest in my memory would be the Champagne Mille Crepe at $25, available at Lady M Champagne Bar at ION Orchard); probably more like an item to have just once if you must, considering how one could have gotten a more artisanal offering at almost the same price at The Bar at Waku Ghin from their Patisserie Platine menu. That being said, they are probably one of the very few options for something fancy if one is around Westgate, though we did wish that their operations here were a little more streamlined here considering how the staff felt rather disorganised; something that marred the dining experience here for a few who had dined there on the same day which we made our visit for the Truffle Mille Crepe.

Every single cake here is delicious!

✨Passionfruit Mille Crepe✨
I’m usually not a fan of crepe cakes as it tastes too doughy if each layer is not done well. The cream in between layers adds moisture to the cake. When you slice it with a fork, the cut is really smooth. I love how good the quality of the crepe cake is! This passionfruit mille crepe cake has a good balance of sweet and sour.

💰: $9.50/slice
📈: 9/10

✨Strawberry shortcake✨
Although they are known for this, it did not disappoint me at all! The cream was really soft and the cake was moist. The tiny strawberry bits in the middle adds a little natural sweetness to this cake as well. Although it is slightly expensive, it is worth trying at least once!

💰: $8.50/slice
📈: 8/10

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I believe their mille feuilles are the best in SG - the even layers, soft crepes and smooth cream is a winning combination, plus it cuts through so easily. Signature Mille Feuille was good as usual; pistachio one was quite nutty but was quite sweet so please order for sharing; chocolate gateau was rich and smooth and delicious.

Dessert after dinner and we choose Lady M. Having their signature mille crepe cake and tried out the pistachio flavour too! Love the signature crepe. For the pistachio, it can be abit too nutty and creamy for some, but for me, I love nuts, so it was good! Love the ambience too! :)

Missed this the other time lady M launched it and had 10000 regrets - I’m a huge fan of all things pistachio!!!! So glad I managed to try this this time and as usual, lady M doesn’t disappoint. Just look at the layers from its side profile and imagine the pistachio cream oozing out as you sink your fork into it! But do note that this version I slightly heavier on the palate than usual.

This original remains as good as ever.
No less than 20 sheets of paper thin handmade crepes are layered with light pastry cream, and neatly stacked to form this delicate dessert.
Bite into the soft, moist, creamy, slightly spongy mille crepe cake, and you'll be rewarded with a lovely floral sweet milky flavour. So delicious.
Lady M Confections
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