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From the Burpple community

If we have to name the most memorable meal that we had in Krabi, it has to be our dinner at Lae Lay Grill which is up the hill. We had the perfect seat at the balcony watching the sunset as we dine. Seafood was fresh and the music was great. Couldn’t have asked for a better dining experience.

It's this amazing restaurant at the top of a hill overlooking the peaks and sea of Krabi. I'd have taken a picture of the view but I was too busy scratching my ga-bazillion mosquito bites and waiting for this platter of awesomeness. Titled the Andaman Platter for two, it had fresh, grilled seafood that had been expertly sliced, butterflied and deboned. The whole fish had NO bones, and was as soft as butter, each flake melting prettily in my mouth. The bits that we couldn't pick up using utensils my husband pinched and gobbled up straight from the plate. The mussels were fresh and went well with the Tom yum sauce they provided, as were the prawns that were easily stripped of their shell cause they were so perfectly cooked. All seafood was sweet, just the right consistency and a great way to end a day. Except for the crab though. A little tiny and sad, it wasn't the best. But with 90% of the plate rocking it, this was easily forgivable. We also requested for garlic butter sauce, cause we feel fresh seafood is best dipped in warm, salty butter. And they gave us ONION butter sauce! Hahaha it was super sweet. And weird. But all in all, good experience for 1580bht.

Wonderful range of Thai-flavored seafood on a hill overlooking Ao Nang. Perfect for a romantic evening and beautiful photos at sunset.

Lae lay grill is located on a hilltop, and well decorated. They do a really good pina colada cocktail, have live music (English, thai and Chinese) and is a splendid highpoint to catch the sunset. Food wise, we ordered a prawn pad thai and Andaman platter (comprising prawn, mussel, squid, crab and sea bass) which I think it's rather fresh but still not done quite right. Will recommend lae lay for drinks, music and sunset view. #thailand #travelgram #travel #travels #krabi #aonang #seafood #livemusic #pinacolada #cocktails #highpoint #foodinsing #foodstagram #burpple

Awesome dinner with awesome brothers and sister @ #krabi #laelayseafood #getaway #dinner #likeaboss #brackies @yeokling @elvin__c @_chinhong_

No sunset but I hav a chilling night ♥ How I wish time can tik tok tik tok s-l-o-w-l-y... #krabi #holidayisgood #thailand #love #birthday #dinner #stressfree