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From the Burpple community

Beef kway teow soup. Standard still the same And i love the broth. So glad its opened today. Its been a long time. Since my childhood days this stall is already famous. They are closed every Monday. Opening hours 4-9pm. For this week, the hawker centre would be washing on 22-23 Apr. 25 Apr then this stall will opened. I travel all the way from west to east for this. Choice of $5 or $7 I came here 4+pm to beat the evening crowd.

When I was in my early teens, my parents used to take us to the Lagoon Hawker Centre for dinner after we had spent an afternoon cycling on rented bikes along East Coast beach. Once we secured a table, my youngest sibling would be the "tissue packet" — left to guard the table against other hungry customers. The rest of us would divide and conquer; heading to various stalls to order our must-haves, such as satay beehoon, orh luak (oyster egg omelette), and jiu her eng chye (cuttlefish with kang kong). With tasks fulfilled, we'd return to the table and wait for the food to arrive. At this point, my father would inevitably make a beeline for this beef noodle stall. Even though there'd be a long queue, because the old hawker took his time to cook each bowl individually, my father never seemed to mind. He needed his fix, regardless of the other gazillion dishes we had ordered.

Although the business has since been handed down to the old man's son, there are things that have remained constant, which of course, is very much appreciated by my father. I reckon the young man is doing his dad proud by preparing the beef noodles with the same great care. For instance, like his dad, he slices the brisket, tendon, and tripe only when he is about to cook up an order. The rationale is, if sliced too early beforehand, they tend to dry out, and won't taste as good. His attention to detail has led me to cultivate a strong liking for their beef noodles as well.

I wouldn't describe the broth here as being intensely beefy. It does lean towards the lighter side, and has a slightly sourish tang due to the addition of kiam chye. Personally, I like it a lot as it's refreshing on the taste buds. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything with kiam chye. And finally, what is beef noodles without a solid chilli dip? Theirs is adequately zingy, but for those of you who crave greater face-puckering heights, you can help yourself to the bottle of vinegar placed thoughtfully on the counter.

My advice is to go early if you want to avoid the queue. Having said that, I find it heartening to know the stall still commands a queue. That's real world speak for many "👍"! #hawkerpedia


The next generation has taken over and it's still good. Been here since my secondary school days. Always long queue when it's open.


As good as ever.. And (unfortunately) still as slow as ever...

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