Laman's Delight (The Grandstand)

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Laman’s Delight is a Russian-inspired boutique bakery serving authentic Russian-style cakes.

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This takeaway stand in Pasarbella whips up an array of Russian-style cakes that are moist, rich and sweet, but thankfully don't cross over into the cloying territory. The selections change daily and are updated on Facebook regularly but what you must get from here is the long stay, signature Pomegranate Cake ($52 per kg/$12 per slice). It's an original creation that features a generous spread of light fresh cream with a crazy amount of crimson red pomegranate seeds covering the cake β€” a perfect foil for the equally striking red hibiscus and pomegranate infused cake layers hidden below. The impressive height and bright red appearance of the cake already make for great conversation starters at your party, but it's the amazingly light combination of cake and fresh cream and the sheer amount of pomegranate seeds that makes this cake great for people who love pomegranate!
*Whole cakes have to be ordered two days in advance
Photo by Burppler Hwans Lim


Don't be fooled by the cream! This pomegranate spammed cake is so light, fluffy & packs a juicy crunch from all that glorious red rubies ❀️❀️ I can easily finish this huge solid slice by myself, paired w a cup of aromatic black coffee β˜•οΈ


Okay this might look a little scary but I really like this! The overwhelming amount of pomegranate is such fun to chomp on, and the fresh cream and cake layers are so very light. Hibiscus and pomegranate juice are also in the cake, making for a very flavorful experience. Get a whole cake for $52 for someone who likes unique cake!


This cake is an explosion of awesomeness dancing with every bite. Full on moist layered cake with pomegranate flooding with every crunch. This small Russian bakery is one of the best in Singapore. I don't mind paying for premium. It's that awesome. Homemade, and fresh. It's simply top notch.


Homemade Russian Cake. The owner is using her own family's recipe and it taste so good and refreshing! 😍😍