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Reviews at Lam's Signatures (Marina Square)

Reviews of good food at Lam's Signatures (Marina Square)

The noodles were springy and bouncy with mild spiciness, with the bit of Abalone soup in it, it brings more flavour to the noodles! Plenty of minced pork serving with sliced pork! Also comes with 1 fried fishballs and half a Tamago egg! Final top with a 🍒 stick of Abalone and clam dipped into Abalone sauce! Gobble down this bowl of noodles with Abalone soup which is refillable! #lamkitchen #lamskitchen #abalonenoodle #abalone

Indeed very tasty & satisfying! The soft pillowy egg was a bonus! Love 😘

Signature noodles(5 nett+1$half egg) Asked for abalone sauce but they forgot to give me so meh. The fishballs are really good tho no idea how they make fishballs so flavourfull and juicy. Quite mediocre otherwise without the abalone(or sauce) and definitely dont order the eggs lol(they said japanese eggs but its just half a soft boiled egg no marinade whatsoever)

Salt baked chicken thigh(5.9nett) come on this is the reason why everyone comes here. U know theyre confident of their chicken when they make u use chopsticks and spoons. Supremely tender and succulent, u really dont need anything other than chopsticks to devour this beautiful meat. Really well seasoned with depth of flavour on its own, but goes well with the mindblasting(lmao it was good) sauce. Loved the chili lime sauce so much i added it to my noodles. Just cos its addictive doesnt mean it doesnt pack a punch tho. Super worth it for 5.9

Had the upsized normal noodles ($5+$1.5) with the salt baked chicken thigh ($5.9)

The bak chor mee was quite run of the mill with a decent amount of pork lard and chilli. The salt baked chicken was fall off the bone tender, but nothing to shout about in terms of taste.

A good place to eat if you're in the mood for bak chor mee in a comfortable setting

Ordered the original ($5) Mee Kia version. If you like the "abalone", the $7 version comes with it. Personally, I think the spirit of this bowl of noodles is in the thick abalone sauce/paste. It's nice to be able to enjoy a bowl of ah Lam in the comfortable air con branch at marina sq but I think the noodles and soup at the main branch tasted better! Xoxo, wet tissue no have

Not a bad lunch option for people who work around the Marina Square area. The bak chor mee ($5) and baked chicken thigh ($5.80) are the must-order here! Though slightly pricey compared to the hawker stalls, the noodles were al dente with a generous amount of vinegar and chilli so it's super tasty! The baked chicken thigh ($5.80) was very well marinated and tender. The Thai chilli sauce on the side made a good dip for the chicken meat.

The Salt-Baked Chicken Thigh was tender, juicy and with crisp skin. The noodles, on the other hand, was disappointing. Slightly overcooked and strong alkaline taste.

One of my favourite mee poks. $7 abalone mee pok. Not very crowded, fast service and good place to hang out on weekday nights. Would always top up $1 for additional meat slices as I'm a meat person.

Lam's Abalone Noodles has been around since 1950s and there are now three outlets in Singapore. Abalone Noodle is the signature here, but it is nowhere as good as the authentic abalone noodles in JB please read my review at

Noodles still as good and will go back try their salted chix.

A good soft tender piece of salted baked chicken thigh/leg, baked potato and awesome chili. Set with drinks and soup for $8.80

Noodles were mediocre, but their sides ingredients makes it stand out. Still considering whether $6.80 is a reasonable pricing for this bowl.

Their Deluxe Set consisted of 1 Whole Chicken, 1 Bowl of Soup Dumpling, 1 Plate of Fried Fish Skin, 4 Baked Potato, 4 Bowl of rice and 4 Soft Drinks. All of these only costed S$35.
If only they allowed us to change the rice to noodle, it will be perfect.
Lam's Abalone Noodle Restaurant ι˜Ώε—ι²ι±Όι’ (Marina Square)
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square
#04-101 The Gallerie Food Court
Singapore 039594
Tel: 6336 0848
Daily 11am to 9pm

Once u scope up the noodle ... there's full of oil under it 😟

Passed by the other time so came here to try but it was rather disappointing. [Abalone Noodles S$6.80] - comes with quite a lot of ingredients though. Salted fish, egg, minced meat, sliced meat, abalone, scallop, fish ball.

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