Enjoy a hand-made chocolate cake, ice creams, cup of tea, and a lot more along the river during the afternoon till late at night, in a relaxing atmosphere.

80 Mohammad Sultan Road
#01-11 The Pier at Robertson Quay
Singapore 239013

01:00pm - 01:00am

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Reviews at Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar

Reviews of good food at Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar

For desserts to satisfy that after-dinner sweet tooth cravings, we went to Laurent Bernard Chocolatier. We had the Black Forest Cake, The Trianon and double scoops of Mango Passion and Raspberry sorbet. I enjoy something lighter and less rich so the Black Forest was my preferred choice as there's also the tartness from the fruits that cut through the sweetness. The Trianon was definitely richer and had lots of good reviews from my family as well!


I love, love, love the soufflés at Spago Singapore but Laurent Bernard Chocolatier is another place I have always counted on for good ones. There is a light crisp to the edges of theirs and is evenly airy the whole way through inside.
Besides the above chocolate flavoured soufflé that comes with vanilla sauce and ice-cream, they do a Grand Marnier that’s downright fabulous too.


Came for my fix of choc ice cream at my fav chocolatier. Sat afternoon was quiet and peaceful. Very breezy. Their americano was the strongest brew I have ever tasted. It was bitter and strong. A bit too bitter. But paired very well with the choc ice cream.
On a side note to pet owners, we were rejected by TCC Robertson Quay branch cos "landlord disallows dogs". U can still sit but dog must be leashed outside by the lamppost. So I brought my dog here. Guess they have different landlords...


On a hot hot day, this was a life saver! Very choc. Very cold. With bits of choc pcs in the ice cream. I was informed that all their ice cream are home made. Their hazelnut was very sweet. And the strawberry very sour. But this choc was just perfect. No wonder the ice cream tin was almost empty.

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First visit was on a weekend night. Full house so had to queue. When our turn came, only table available was outside by the edge so we took it. Huge regret. If you are allergic to smoke like me, do not sit outside! Cos there were inconsiderate people who would actually stand right by your table and blow smoke in your face while talking loudly. Well that was ages ago, so to erase that horrible memory I went again on a Wed afternoon. Nobody was there! We had the cafe all to ourselves. Music was pleasant and the service was polite. I had the Satsuma tea and Carre Fraise cake. This cake (pronounced like my name 😬) was recommended when I asked for the least sweet option. The lady behind the counter told me all the desserts displayed were made of 70% cocoa. This was least sweet cos it was made with raspberry and a little sour. It was very yummy. The sour tang managed to offset part of the choc sweetness. And it's pink! 😍 The tea was quite bitter and halfway thru I couldn't take it anymore and asked for more water to dilute it. My request was swiftly attended to and the lady explained that since the base was green tea, it would be on the bitter side.
This is perfect for spending a lazy afternoon. I love the peace and quiet.


Chocolate Soufflé With Vanilla Ice Cream $18.50 worth the 30 min wait for a moist warm yet light soufflé topped with vanilla sauce. Best way to keep yourself occupied during the wait? try their ice cream and sorbets!

Ordered the warm lava chocolate cake and it was soft and filled with chocolate when you dip your spoon in! Accompanied by whip cream and vanilla ice cream, this cake was a good way to end the day!

Earl grey and raspberry mousse encompassed in a rich chocolate dome. The acidity of the raspberry complements the richness of the cocoa. Niceee


This kind of tag lines deceive to eat more choco! Hahas. Anyway, most probably their chocolates have lesser calories. All ($30+) taste very dark chocolate kind, for me I am not a fan.. But still #soufflé is freshly & well made, paired nicely with sweet faintly tasting vanilla ice cream.. #laurentbernard sound atas and interior & price too. But feel that staffs can be more lively & friendly. Never even tell us that need to find seat first before order and end up queuing up at counter. 😐 #sgfood #burpple

Definitely pricey at $18 but oh, so worth it. Baked and risen perfectly, the edges of the soufflé were just that little bit crispy. The inside was just what I imagine chocolate clouds to taste like. The soufflé didn't collapse even after we dug in. The chocolate was extremely rich and dark, so pour on some vanilla sauce (like we did) to temper that if you want. On my previous visits, this came with raspberry sorbet (which I prefer), but we got vanilla ice cream this time instead. Ice cream was a little icey but had a legit vanilla flavour.

Impressed that this is baked on the spot by a chef who is on standby to make such dishes. Love the strawberry ice cream more :) hot and cold dessert - I like! With vanilla cream

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Tried my best to capture this under poor lighting but this totally does not give justice to how good this was. Baked perfectly, and not too sweet. There was a taste of butterscotch as well, which was unexpected but welcome. Pricey at $13 but definitely one of the most well done lava cakes out there. And of course the quality of the chocolate used is 👌🏻💯

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Had a Generous amt of chocolate sauce given, yet the chocolate MONSTER 😈 inside me was still trying to find bits of chocolate chips in the souffle, and was really thrilled n surprised with a layer of melted awesomeness (Choco chips) at e bottom😆this is definately chocolateyyy enough to satisfy someone like me 😸 wooos~~ somehow feel tt it's not losing out to the chocolate souffle hmm😻

I missed the raspberry sorbet but the vanilla was superb, nonetheless. The crisp top with fluffy interior; always worth the 15 mins wait!

Portion was good for sharing since it's really quite rich.

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