From the Burpple community

The old school hot plate tofu. What's different this time is the size and the texture of the tofu used. Despite missing the one back home, I actually preferred this version as you can really munch the entire giant tofu in your mouth and feel extremely satisfied right after it. Compared to the small bits we have back in Singapore, these tofus were all much bigger and better to consume. Yummmmms!


Right after a Hackathon, we all knew that we needed to reward ourselves. Strongly recommended by a Singaporean doctor who was working here, we drove down to give this place a try. The char kuay teow was legitimately good, the only thing that was lacking was the wok hei. The sauces and wetness of the dish were on point but it felt a little too clean of a taste for Char Kuay Teow. This was so good, it was the first dish to be wiped out by the all of us. #misssgfood