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From the Burpple community

Here, they only have steak frites as the main course, apart from drinks and desserts.

Steak Frites [€27.50]
Decent beef with an interesting sauce; tasted hints of olive oil and yogurt. A lot nicer and more flavorful than l'entrecote's gravy. Shoestring fries were well fried and not too salty. Amazing thing was that I was served a double portion (see bottom right) of beef on top of my original serving! Not sure why though, I was doubting if it was leftovers... but whatever I had my fill. There's refill on the fries as well. Extremely sumptuous.

Profiteroles [€7.00]
Essentially cream puffs but with ice cream inside, topped with a generous wallop of chocolate sauce. A decent French dessert.

Hearty / Tasty / Worthy: 5 / 4 / 4