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As part of the Ramadan special menu, the laksa soba chicken bento, along with satay chicken burger are available for a limited time, till 14 June. A base of buckwheat soba tossed in laksa rempah, served with paprika spiced chicken, sautéed mushrooms , sweet corn and cucumber slices, the combination of buckwheat soba and laksa rempah was surprisingly a great combination that satisfied my palate greatly. The laksa rempah was fragrant, aromatic with a tinge of spice that was not too overwhelming. The paprika spiced chicken was tender with a slightly crisp chargrilled surface layer, along with juicy sautéed mushrooms that lent an earthy note and crunchy sweet corns (which I omitted due to personal preference). The portion was indeed fulfilling and abundant for a meal that it could have fed 2 petite ladies. On the other hand, shoyu lava egg could have fared better with a more runny and gooey yolk, given the exorbitant pricetag that came along with it😅. Nevertheless, it was a good addition to the meal since noodles and egg always doesn’t seem to go wrong! .
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Wow! Talk about not eating junk. I felt so satiated after finishing this whole plate. I doubt I'm having lunch today. The scrambled eggs were very creamy and jiggly, just like how it should be. The edamame beans were doused with truffle oil. The shiitake mushrooms were flavourful and juicy. Waffles were not the crispy type, but still, it made the cut. The sauce was also delectable - tangy and salty. Overall worth the calories and paying $12.79 (GST included).

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literally what it is as mentioned above + salad w their homemade miso sauce and airfried tater tots

must admit i was slightly disappointed w this as i expected it to taste so much btr!!!! then again it’s supposed to be healthy so....... the waffles was kinda tough and tasteless (but it was warm!!!), and the portion was a lil small for $9.95? with that being said, the tater tots, scrambled eggs, and tomatoes were nice + the homemade miso sauce rly stood out though!!

overall wld rate it a 6.5/10? wld drop by again if i happen to be ard the area but not go down specially for it! JK had one of their chicken breast sausage bento and it was so-so as well (shout out to the truffle edamame though that was gooood)

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The perfect post workout meal - only will be more perfect if they do chicken breast instead of thigh, but you could always opt for salmon (not my pick this weekend cos already had loads of salmon earlier in the week).

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super worth it, rly big portions w diff sides u can choose (which all tastes rly good), i believe this was under $12~ highly recommend and would come back again!

The whole dish is slightly dry but healthy. Not oily but still taste good. Surprisingly it’s quite full. Not bad for a healthy dinner.

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Loved the air fried crispy tater tots - not a fan of oily stuff these days. Salmon and chicken were cooked perfectly but the charred flavour of both quickly got boring.


Oooh this was such a satisfying choice from their extensive all day brunch menu!
The eggs were delightfully moist and creamy, but I think what impressed me the most was definitely the protein waffle that came underneath. I'm not sure if it's any healthier than regular waffles, but if they are, it's certainly a huge plus for they sure were tasty, and it reminded me of good ol' hotcakes! I especially loved the crispy edges. The tater tots were just alright because they had lost their crunch, but perfectly understandable because they were air fried after all. Overall, a very satisfying option and a great start to my Sunday! 😊


This was surprisingly really filling! Every component of the dish was quite good (mozzarella chicken, scrambled eggs, honey wakame, mesclun salad and couscous), except for the couscous which was too dry. Even their salad dressing was really yummy, and I liked that they offered Honey Wakame as well, which I don't see too often elsewhere.

I loved the ambience of this place too, it isn't too crowded and it felt really airy and warm. With that and the good food that doesn't leave you feeling bad after, I'd definitely love to be back soon!

Total bill $16.85

Chicken breast sausage - tasted ok but surprisingly seemed like a veggie patty
Truffle edamame - nice truffle flavor
Air fried tater tots - love the crispness and juiciness of the potatoes. Best part of all? Not oily!
Cherry tomatoes
Sesame lava egg - deliciously ramen style runny egg
Salad leaves - weird sweet sauce on it 😳

Added $2.95 for a chocolate protein waffle

This was surprisingly good! The piece of salmon was quite large and prepared very nicely. Also, the spaghetti actually tasted like laksa. I was quite impressed.


Got the H2 bento set with truffle edamame beans, teriyaki chicken, sweet potato mash, corn and salad. Absolutely delicious and well worth the price ($11.95), especially with this kind of portion fit for a starving student like me!! Not only is their food filling, but also doesn't make you feel guilty either. A gorgeous colour combination like that only comes with fresh produce and a well balanced meal! Also tried out the matcha waffle with almond flavoured protein gelato ($6.95) which was another win. The generous ice cream scoop was delightfully rich and creamy while the flavour of the matcha really came through with the crispy, warm waffle. Overall a fantastic experience well worth your buck, located in a quiet niche of holland. You'd walk right by without even noticing it!

Saying no to plain ole boring bento meals, Lean Bento’s offerings are pretty extensive and tasted nothing like what I expected. Aiming for a guilt-free lunch, I had the Super Hero Bento right off their menu - Honey Miso Salmon and Chicken Breast Sausage for protein, Air Fried Tater Tots as complex carbs, Cherry Tomatoes, Scrambled Eggs and Mesclun Salad. Or you can simply customise your very own bento! Loving the tender slab of salmon and the surprisingly flavourful sausage patty, both were moist and nicely seasoned - tasty and clean. And of course, you can’t go wrong with tater tots but since they are air-fried they stay crisp longer and are not oily at all!

To sweeten the deal, top up $2.95 with every meal for a protein waffle, muffin or cookie. I had the Dark Cacao Ninja Protein Muffin which was wondrously chocolatey. Though a little denser than most, it was sufficient moist and soft (most importantly it didn’t taste ‘healthy’). As for drinks skip the dollar add-on of green tea (quite bland) and instead get their Matcha Latte or Iced Chocolate to complete your meal.

Tasty matcha flavor - not too sweet and not too bitter. I also really enjoyed the waffle texture. Great to warm up at home.



Ordered a Protein Muffin ($2.95 with any Lean Bento 🍱) & chose the Dark Cocoa flavour. Moist on the inside, yet not too sweet.

What baffles me is that it doesn't taste like a "Healthy Muffin". I really don't know how they do it, but keep doing what you do because it works, Lean Bento.

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬️ Air conditioned seats only
🆒 Halal certified
📶 No WiFi available
🙋 No service charge or GST
💦 Self-service lemon-infused water


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