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First dish in Penang and it was goooood. But I’ve tasted better which was the one at Chulia St. The wok hey was stronger there and it’s tastier. But for those who wants a fix of char kway teow and have no time to go to Chulia St, this place is good enough!

It was a confusing experience of hot comforting soup on a rainy day while perspiring, sitting back to back with strangers and different people coming to your table asking if you would like dessert/ drinks/ prawn noodles/ oyster egg.

That seems to be the case with many of these coffeeshops with road side stalls here but at least there’s proper seating.

You know it’s good when people are willing to queue regardless rain or shine - not a kway chap person so I’m not the best judge but in any way, I surprisingly liked this!

You can pick what you want, but we opted for everything including the duck blood (which was shiok LOL) so I had no idea which part I was eating but every bit was fresh, tender with no strange smell. The noodle itself was chewy and thicker, which is different from what we usually have back home, but it was good for taking up all the broth which was flavorful with hints of spices. (Can’t recall how much, perhaps about RM7.5-10/ pax)

*edit: do also try the braised chicken feet (not sure what stall but I’m sure you could ask around) - so flavorful and easy to eat!


Whenever people ask me what’s the food that I always recommend in Penang, Hokkien Mee will definitely on top of my recommendation. Simply this is the true local dish that best represent Penang. RM5

Looking forward to an epic weekend in Penang but first, some supper of Penang Hokkien mee, duck porridge and Cheng Teng. The Hokkien mee was so good that I finished the bowl till the last drop. Managed to score the last bowl before the stall shut for the evening. The duck porridge was nice and comforting.

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Tastes more home-brewed than the usual you'd find in Singapore. Overall okay.

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From a random stall that promised "extra seafood" including "mantis shrimp". Cheated.

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