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From the Burpple community

Treat yoself weekends ✨once you’ve tried these artisan choux eclairs you can hardly return to having those run of the mill commercial sorts

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We got the dark chocolate, pistachio, mango and passion fruit, and the Ishapan (lychee, rose and raspberry). Opening the box to this beautiful sight made us drool already. I’ve (Chiyin) been lucky to have tasted eclairs whilst I was in France, and I still can’t forget the experience (yes, they were that good). These eclairs were almost as amazing (just smaller) as the ones I had back then! The cream wasn’t too heavy on the palate or overly cloying. The dark chocolate was just the right balance of bitter and sweet, while the chocolate streusels on the top really helped to enhance the overall taste - perhaps that’s why it was a favourite among everyone who tried it! If you prefer a fresh, sour-sweet taste, you’d enjoy the mango and passion fruit eclair. The combination of lychee, rose and raspberry really hit the spot but I felt that it could be a littttle less sweet. For all pistachio fans, the pistachio eclair will not disappoint. :)

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The Berries was the seasonal special so was $8.50. It had lemon montee ganache, which I dunno what it is, but it tasted great! Slightly sour and made the whole eclair not jelat. Lessened the sweetness too. Very easy on the palate.

Dark choc had 66% choc pastry cream, which was still pretty sweet to me. The choc streusel on top tasted a bit salty, which I couldn’t appreciate. Would have been better without it.


The matcha cream was slightly bitter and there were little pearly balls for crunch. Definitely liked this. Mango passion fruit was heavy on the passion fruit, which I really enjoyed. Slightly piquant and very creamy. This was my favorite of the 4 I got. Used Burpple beyond so these were free.

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The weekends go by quickly and I appreciate any chance to have my idea of guilty pleasures: dainty, exquisite desserts of all sorts.
My second time having Leclair and these are indeed one of the best take on the elongated choux-like French pastry in Singapore. A firm puff that does not go soft (conditional on the method of storage, as the store staff poignantly informs); these were emblazoned and stuffed with a wide selection of thick flavoured fillings and prime ingredients. My favourites are the hazelnut, pistachio, salted caramel.... oh wait every one I had was a favourite 🤪


Pretty to look at but the taste do not really match up.

Would recommend the Isaphan as the lychee and rose flavours compliment each other quite well and you can also taste small juicy bits of lychee! Nice texture - slightly chewy - think chewy junior pastries!

Paris Brest (yes, Brest) is so-so and reminiscent of Ferrero Rocher.

Paid around $4 each after beyond.