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Le Coq

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Modern French and Japanese Fusion Bistro! Affordable Food and cheapest drinks in Telok Ayer!


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This wasnt on our menu maybe cos it's printed wrongly as the other menu had it. So make sure you're not ordering rosemary roast Chicken instead

It's basically your hawker centre chicken rice stall roasted chicken, but done to, dare i say, perfection. The meat was so succulent and the crust was so crispy, that i was impressed from the first bite. Really generous portion as well and served with the usual dark soy, ginger paste and chili like your chicken rice stall. Their ginger paste is very mild in a good way, and i really liked their chili as it wasnt too spicy and had a strong citrus profile.

Top 2 roasted chicken I've had all year, it's no wonder they so quickly crossed 1000 wishlists. This one's for the books

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A misnomer considering it's closer to your mala Hotpot spices, though different nonetheless. There's a very strong numbing taste and the heat lingers as well, but quite appetizing though not in the same way as MLXG
There's just enough sauce to coat the inaniwa udon perfectly as well(most of the sauce lie at the bottom of the bowl thats why it looks so mild on top)

Perfect portion for 1 and chicken was done well. The chicken breast was quite smooth and tender. A hearty dish but not as impressive as their roast chicken

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Dk why but their chicken thigh was really good also. Well crusted and crispy on the outside, and really juicy inside, it's only overshadowed by the other two incredible skewers

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Damn the pork was outstanding as well. It was tender but firm in the best way. There's a crust on the outside and the combination of textures made it super satisfying to bite into. Perhaps the best Thai style pork skewer ive had.

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Dayum. Let's just say after sharing the first stick, we got an extra order of all 3 skewers immediately with no Concern for our wallet.

Doesnt look very special and truthfully, not too crispy on the outside, but it encapsulated so much flavour. The beef was so tender with a soft chew, and the saltiness inside really amped up the savoury flavours of the juices within.

Just get a stick and dont ask questions. Then most likely another. And another. ><

P. S. however the chef isnt willing to reveal how this is so good lol. Understandably, as there's probably secrets so their technique if it's this good

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We ordered roasted chicken, steaks&mash and 2 iberico pork dishes using Burpple 1-for-1. The set is very value for money at $14.90 to $18.90 per set. The serving size is huge (unlike some other deals on burpple where some restaurants actually have a separate menu for such deals). The meat were tender and flavorful. Definitely a place to come back to.

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