Legendary Bak Kut Teh (Rangoon Road)

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Serving you traditional Bak Kut Teh by the family's second and third generation at Rangoon Road.

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The original Founders bkt

One of the bkt stalls in Singapore.

Meat is tender

We may have just over ordered..

I’ve always preferred the herbal bkt but this peppery one was a pleasant surprise and one that I still really enjoyed. My biggest surprise have to say was really how generous their portions were!

My personal fav out of all these - the pig trotters. It was really tender with good proportion of lean meat and fats, very flavourful in every bite. Please do yourself a favour and add that into your order.

Plates by base piece

Bak kut teh ($8) - the star of the dish gotta be the pork ribs of course, as there were very tender and fresh! The soup is peppery, abit too peppery in my opinion to appreciate it completely. The pig organ soup ($8) came with many ingredients and my favourites hve to be the liver and intestines! The liver is melt-in-the-mouth and the intestines had little to no odour in them 😋😋

THICK;稠 温暖我的心, peppery and chilli 🌶 padi tickles tastebuds, and all-you-can-drink quality soup refills !! However, quite disappointed with the small portion of the small intestines (pork), when we ordered the largest portion (16bucks mind u), but turned out to be smaller than the portion we ordered in the past ( small portion ordered x2 plates with generous quantity 17bucks ) hope they can improve and change for yhe better as loyal customers may not stay for long and competition is on the rise. Complacency may not bring u anywhere #nenqotd


I guess the soup from Legendary (previously Founders) needs no more introduction - solid broth, tender ribs - opt for the short ribs, they are said to be the softest of them all and definitely Ah Ma Liu approved 👵🏼👍🏻


Close up of my mixed organ soup- overflowing with porky parts. It looks as if a whole pig was stuffed into this!