63 Jurong West Central 3
#03-80 Jurong Point 2
Singapore 648331

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From the Burpple community

Nothing better than a smooth-custardy milky treat after a HK meal! Was initially tempted to get the cold version but why not the original, authentic hot version since this place is air-conditioned? Legendary's milk custard was a nice balance of milkiness and sweetness. The ones in HK were a lot milkier and less sweet, if i don't recall wrong. The texture of the milk custard was great! 'softer than tofu~

4/5 for the bun
2.5/5 for the pork chop

Polo was crusty, airy and fluffy! Kept at a very affordable price of $1.70 - it's pocket friendly compared to the ones sold at Joy Luck, Champion Polo. I've yet tried the ones from Joy or Champion - would think they're best devoured with just a thiccc slab of butter. For the sandwich-style, I suppose the Polo quality here is fairly decent. No complaints!

Slightly disappointing tho, was the extremely oily and overcooked pork chop. It was soaked in oil, with oil 'collected' on a sad piece of green lettuce that was eventually cast aside because I couldn't bring myself to stomach an oil-soaked lettuce. It was seasoned with what resembled wuxiang powder. It wasnt the best tasting pork chop I've had. It was also tough and it took quite a great deal of effort slicing it!
I'd probably go for the char siew version next time!

It's not bad but we had it the next day, the bread was abit harder than we would have liked. Even then it's still enjoyable

Really, really delicious. The dainty grains were very well separated, yet there's a very good bite. Light on the palate yet so addictive, esp with the bits of meat and bouncy prawns. Superb stuff, it's a very unique plate that tastes very different from other fried rice ive had but no less enjoyable

Pretty good. The filling had a nice savouriness that's slightly different from the norm, the bite was good, and the bun was easy to peel apart yet firm enough.

Of course, can't leave without having some unique sock-pulled astringent milky tea.
Hong Kong Style Milk Tea in Bottle($4.80)
Hong Kong Style Milk Tea(Iced)($3.40)
The differences between these two are the ice that came with it. For the bottle, it was chilled in a tub of ice bucket while the Iced came just like any other drink. For the Iced, it will get diluted over time but not for the bottle.
🚩Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant 港飲港食餐廳, 63 Jurong West Central 3, 03-80 Provisional Unit Jurong Point 2 Shopping Center, Singapore 648331