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L’Entrecôte The Steak & Fries Bistro (Duxton)

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L’Entrecôte focuses on the season’s best steak paired with unlimited crispy, golden fries, accompanied by a fresh green salad with mustard dressing and walnuts. The entrecôte steak is doled out in two servings; the second kept warm on burners while you eat the first. This winning formula is only complete with the secret sauce, poured generously over the trimmed and tender slices of steak. The singular main course on the menu is complemented by a wide array of starters and 15 kinds of desserts.

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Their tables were pretty small and there wasn’t enough space for our dishes but the waitress still insisted that we couldn’t use the table that was just a few inches away because there was only the 2 of us 🤔 fyi, it was on a weekday night and it wasn’t crowded at all. Didn’t quite enjoy my experience there because of how cram it was. The food was decent tho.

I’m not really a steak person but the steak here was really nice. There isn’t any “bloody” taste. The portions were really huge, and fries are refillable. Idk what the sauce is but it’s quite special. Would recommend to try the beef marrow too, it was my first time and it melts in your mouth like butter.

Homemade duck foie gras terrine with sugar glazed onions and baguette - $26

Buttery foie gras...

Price: 250g Tajima Wagyu Rump $48 + Shaved Winter Black Truffle $12

Here for the first time and had high expectations.. sadly, the food was mediocre and nothing mind-blowing. 7/10 at best. Still worth a try!

Complimentary welcome glass of rose was a nice touch and service was very pleasant.

Setting was cramp, tables are 10cm apart.. they literally have to shift your table for you to get out of the bench seats.

We had complimentary rosés to open, which is always welcomed. We tried their famed trimmed entrecôte steak ($36.80 for individual, $58.80 for XXL version).

I had them medium rare, and was served with a walnut salad and fries. Steak was somewhat tough and dry. I had to pair each bite of steak with some sauce because the beef was just underwhelming. To be fair they do make a really good sauce. Rich, creamy, and flavourful.

Tajima Wagyu Rump ($48++)
Comes with a side of bread that was slightly hard on the outside, soft on the inside + Salad greens with walnut and a vinagrette dressing

Starting off with the salad, felt that the salad did not need the dressing as it became too sour. The bread was slightly hard on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, a good compliment to the steak sauce and their mustard dressing. I quite liked their mustard dressing as it was not overpowering.

Moving on to the main, their initial serving of fries is simply huge. With a bright golden hue, it was very tempting to devour all the fries immediately, especially since it was unlimited. They were very crisp and crunchy; I know that they are just fries but it was strangely addictive.

Now, moving on to their legendary secret sauce...
Before trying this, I have heard that you either like it, or you don't and that it is very addictive if you do happen to like it. To start, the sauce really does not taste like any other sauce I've tried. It was slightly tangy and acidic, with hints of mushroom and onion. Having strong umami flavours, it definitely paired well with their golden fries. If they served unlimited sauce as well, I just might have asked for another portion of fries, definitely a winner for me.

On the menu, this Tajima Wagyu Rump (Grade 7/8) is 'known for its high degree of marbling and flavour'. To me, it was certainly a fatty cut of beef, but not due to the marbling. The cut I was given had a strip of fat on one side of the beef, sort of like a striploin. This provided a richer flavour to the beef but not the 'melt-in-your-mouth' tenderness that one will get from high quality Wagyu. Beef was slightly burnt, chewy (Ordered medium-rare) and had lots of beef flavour. A sizeable portion was given, but don't order this expecting a very tender cut of steak.
Taste: 8.5/10

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