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From the Burpple community

Coming back again to try this chicken rice stall. For $3.50, they come in a decent portion although with some bones.

Unlike the usual cucumber, they give the bean sprout instead, together with a bowl of tasty soup.

The portion is on the smaller side lol

White Ckn was very clean, almost tasteless but in an acceptable way. Could be just a tad more tender, I didn't see any jelly but maybe it's cos my portion was too small. The sauce was light, salty, and completely savoury(no hint of sweetness). Chili was ckn rice chili mixed w the grated ginger basically lol. Soup was fine

Roasted ckn doesn't taste too different, if I had to choose the hainanese ckn edges out just a bit

Otherwise it's an alright plate if overpriced, nothing deserving of a trip and the queue wasn't too impressive either

I had heard about them, but I didn't expect this standard. The chicken alone, by several criteria, has a case for the top tier in Singapore. First of all, there's a lot of fat jelly. Secondly, the flesh and the skin were both extremely succulent. It was crystal chicken! So with that said, obviously there are people who don't like such chicken, and I accept it. Once you depart from the bird, the debate weakens. The rice was surprisingly generous but basic, and so was the soup.

From Leong 良海南鸡饭
Only $3.90 for this classic plate of chicken rice.
Added a braised egg.
Tender chicken meat texture, fluffy flavourful rice & blanched bean sprouts.
Highly recommended!

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One of the top 5 chicken rice stalls in an article written by Wong Ah Yoke. Personally, find the whole dish pretty underwhelming. Chicken meat wasn’t firm and slightly undercooked. Rice was flavourful but not rave worthy. Sorry but my heart still lies with 925 Yishun chicken rice.