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Reviews at Les Amis

Reviews of good food at Les Amis

Dining here is always enjoyable as it is not only a feast for the stomach but a visual delight as well.

A favorite hangout with the girlfriends as we "ooohhh and ahhhhh" at every piece of art served.

Needless to say, desserts here are girls best friend.

Had fun cracking the sphere to get to the sorbet inside. Cheap thrills 🙌🏼

Roasted line caught sea bass from Brittany with baby leeks and sauce nantaise

Langoustine from loctudy with courgette and an emulsion of extra virgin olive oil. This dish was so amazingly done, I have no words.

Caviar served on petals of roseval potatoes (lowest starch potato in the world) with classic condiments (salmon cubes, Japanese flower) and fresh herbs.

Les Amis’s new truffle series – The Black Diamonds of Gastronomy.

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A skillfully crafted ring of sliced apple encapsulating the winter thematic Ceylon cinnamon ice cream. It's amazing just admiring the craftmanship of the dessert chez. It's an art, edible only.

It was a natural choice for me, pork, belly, fatty... lest was I expecting that there was no tinge of fattiness or greasiness in this dish, instead it was just so very savory (for a lack of a better word - giammmm)! The texture was unlike any other pork dish.

Wild turbot tronçons with confit seasonal turnips, flavours of white sarawak pepper. This dish stole the show in the most classy fashion. It's down to true culinary skills to work with the simplest of ingredients.

Langoustine in raviole served in light Parmesan broth with caviar & white truffle. How not to like this dish. Immaculately assembled with the finest ingredients.

Seasonal mushroom tart on duxelles with a confit of egg yolk & lardo di colonnata (aged pork lard it seems to be translated). Not a mushroom fan but this total let me forget the ingredients. The filo pastry sets as the base for this tart, with the molten egg yolk and a thin external layer of a starchy film.

Caviar served on petals of pomme (potatoes) with classic condiments & fresh herbs. The condiments refers to smoked salmon, chives, Creme Fraiche, capers & red onions: and they are all there! In micro-portions of course. Excellent presentation and really sets the scene for a great dinner.

Special appetizer which featured seasonal chestnut moose, foie gras, celery and alba truffle. Not sure what it is called. But a rose by any other name would smell as nice.

One thing you know the restaurant is particular with its source of ingredients is when you are served the rare artisanal french Le Ponclet Butter – only served in less than 20 restaurants in the world! The butter is made with milk from a near extinct breed of cows and undergoes an intricate handmade process in order to obtain the most amazing texture and flavour. The light and subtle fragrance of this butter is definitely distinct and it blends seamlessly with bread. It was so good that it will be no surprise that you finish your bread basket in no time. You are forgiven not to be asking about cholesterol, fat content or calories when spreading on this golden beauty on your bread or even eating it on its own!

Love pastries with swirls - especially those that taste delicious as well. Happy #FRIDAY GUYS! #tgif

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