Les Patisseries

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Serve coffee, Brunch, French Pastries/Tarts, Waffle and Ice cream. Classic cafe setting with open concept pastry kitchen to see the pastry chefs in action and smell of fresh bakes while you dine-in. 60 seaters with common tables and individual tables, perfect for group gathering, events and function.

222 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574354

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09:00am - 01:30am

09:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 11:30pm

11:00am - 01:30am

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From the Burpple community

Return visit (photo from late 2019, first visit early in 2019)
Seems like the cafe has a savoury dining menu now. Waffles and ice cream isn’t as good as I remembered from the 1st visit but still not bad.

The service at Les Patisseries is quite minimal. Despite accepting same-day Chope reservations up to an hour before the reservation, the staff didn’t bother to check my reservation and just pointed to any table. Most of the tables at large, so you might get a few groups sitting at the same long table when it gets crowded. However, it was quite empty on a Sunday afternoon.
The way my iced cappuccino was served in a disposable cup, with a lid and straw despite dining in made me disappointed that this cafe is environmentally apathetic. While their coffee isn’t bad, they didn’t have any non-dairy alternatives when I visited. Perhaps these people need to step up their cafe game, especially in terms of service, if they want to survive in the Upper Thomson area.

A very thick matcha shot with vanilla ice cream. We found that a fair bit of matcha tended to solidify on the ice cream instead of sliding off and pooling at the bottom as the shot was very viscous, but overall the mixture turned out to be really thick. This would do well as a dessert, but not a beverage on its own. The balance of the bitter matcha and sweet vanilla ice cream is good, and both components complement each other well. I liked the almond flake toppings as well as the bed of crunchy granola, which added a contrasting texture to this creamy and thick dessert.

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Boasting an extensive selection of waffle and pancake flavour combinations, Les Patisseries is a great place to head to for desserts in the Upper Thomson area. It’s especially nice for chilling out at, because it’s a lot less crowded than the other cafes around the same neighbourhood.

The Houjicha molten pancake is the chef’s special creation and one of the recommended items on the menu. It’s an interesting take on molten desserts, and the roasted tea taste comes through quite well. The molten Houjicha doesn’t flow out that fast, because it’s very thick, but that wasn’t a deal breaker for me as I loved the texture of the lava and its contrast with the pancake. The pancake is topped with black sesame ice cream, kurogoma coral and sesame tuile . I love this pairing so much, and the black sesame taste is so good. I feel that the ice cream deserves a mention of its own as the goma flavour was so strong and nutty. In addition, there’s actually tons of whole sesame seeds inside, which gives lots of nutty flavour and crunchiness in each spoonful. I love it! I loved the Houjicha molten pancake, but there’s so many options for pancakes and waffles that I’m excited to return for the other desserts (and another taste of that black sesame ice cream!).

Chope bookings are possible, but requires a minimum spend of $10 per diner (not too difficult if everyone orders a drink and you get a dessert to share).

$6 for creme brûlée , not a massive fan but can give it a try. Good place to chill !

Good for brunch food and coffee on a late Sunday morning. Not overly crowded unlike its neighbours.

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