Let’s Meat Up is a new brand in Singapore! Our restaurant specialise in charcoal grilled food: Select from a variety of PROTEIN dishes from our menu and choose between RICE or SOBA - It’s that easy to pick and enjoy your delicious meal! Some of our unique in house dishes, like hot selling Cheesy Pork Fries, Pull Chicken Gyoza and Sweet Potatoes Fries with Sour Plum Powder is a must try! Have a look at our menu, and we’ll see you soon at Let’s Meat Up !

68 Orchard Road
#B1-08 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

11:00am - 10:00pm

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Reviews of good food at Let's Meat Up

Ordered the Pork Chop with Rice ($12.80) where the pork chop, while having quite a nice flavour that made the sauce on the side a little redundant, was pretty tough to cut and almost exhausting to chew. On the other hand, I got to try the teriyaki chicken and it was at least five up's from this in terms of tenderness and taste! 😭 One thing that was oddly satisfying, though, was the orange slices that came with each set. I would highly recommend eating it WITH your main as it has an interesting smoky and savoury flavour to it, all while retaining its citrusy sweetness.

Prices here might seem pretty affordable but to be real the portions are a tad stingy. That said, this experience wouldn't warrant myself a complete 'no' to anymore meals here (though me initiating a meal here might be...unoften) because that single bite of teriyaki chicken that I tried proved to me that there are dishes here that should be worth what you pay (in terms of quality at least). I just know now what to avoid, eh? 🙈

The best gyoza i've had so far in my life! I would think the gyoza has more filling than any other gyozas i tried previously. The dumpling skin was perfectly crisped and the right thickness, with the delicious meat and vegetable filling. It was the highlight of my meal there despite just being an appetizer. Had the pulled pork burger as well, but it didn't really satisfied my taste palette as the sauce marinade was a tad too sweet for my liking. Overall I would go back again for the gyoza and try the other mains such as the Grilled Chicken with Rice/Soba:)

We initially wanted to try the soba noodles but they were out of stock. If I remember correctly, it cost $9.80 for the chicken and $14.80 for the beef. It is worth a try but I wouldn't go back again as the price isn't really worth it. The entire meal including Cheesy Pork Fries and a cup of tea cost about $40.

For $6.80. Fries were a little salty but the pork was pretty good!

Sprinkled with peanuts, the grilled sweet potato was served warm with a soft, thick and mushy texture. Really glad it's purple sweet potato instead of the conventional orange/yellow ones! 💜 Flavour wise, it was pretty bland, lacking the characteristic sweetness which was fortunately compensated with the presence of vanilla custard that provided the bulk of the sweetness. The coconut ice cream, on the other hand, paled very much in comparison, lacking flavours, with a soft, fluffy and foamy texture that wasn't quite enjoyable. Overall verdict: just the sweet potato and vanilla custard would suffice for your sweet tooth cravings.

Glazed with pineapple miso sauce, the chargrilled flavour was well-infused into the salmon. The skin was crisp and grilled-flavoured. The salmon was slightly overcooked for my liking as I enjoy my salmon to be just-nicely cooked. Would definitely recommend to get this if you don't mind spending a tad more for a healthier option. But the salmon portion is rather small.

Pork chop had a strong charcoal-grilled flavour to it, but I felt that the pork was a little overcooked as the texture was really hard. The yakiniku and pear sauce tasted light but gave a sweet tinch to the meat. Overall would not recommend to get the pork chop.

Succulent chicken leg marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce was charcoal-grilled to tender-perfection. The skin was crisp and together with the meat, a bite into sweet heaven. The soba was topped with seaweed and drizzled in light soba sauce - chewy texture. Absolutely loved it.

For almost $7, you get a decent portion of fries at a cafe in town! The pork chop was well-marinated and the dish was drizzled with cheese and mayonnaise, topped with a sprinkle of chopped spring onions for the extra crunch.

Definitely a must-order and totally worth the price!

Memories of the teriyaki chicken with soba. Charred yet tender. The soba was a little dry but I realised the sauce are all at the bottom. For the grilled food lover.

Slapped in between 2 pieces of soft mantou buns were tender pork, cheese and cranberry coleslaw. Nicely done burger albeit a little sweet.

Terriyaki sauce on chicken and rice is a classic to order (albeit the small portion) if you're not a meat person like I am. Complete your meal with miso soup - the price may scare you at first ($5+) but trust me, it's worth it because you'll find many goodies in it (winter melon, carrot, chicken etc).

A bite into the chicken, and I was immediately mesmerised. The charred taste of the juicy and tender chicken was what I loved about it! The teriyaki sauce is just like the addictive sauce at Tori Q and I just loved the whole dish so much. Exclusive of GST and service charge!

The pork was tender and spicy while the fries were salty and crispy, and when paired with cheese sauce and mayo, yum yum yum! However, it was disappointing to realize that there was only 4 pieces of pork as I really enjoyed having the pieces of pork! Be sure to mix the sauce or you'll be left with plain fries at the bottom!

The mid joint wing yakitori soba ($10.90) I ordered with an extra sunny side up ($1.50) was of a good portion for a normal eater. Though the chicken was a little tough, the seasoning of the chicken was good and it went well with the plain soba! The chicken skin was also crispy from all the grilling, and thus added a satisfying extra texture to the meat. The small appetisers were amazing, especially the soy paste tofu!

Another plus point would be the wonderful service offered by the staffs at the plaza sing outlet. They even bothered to ask me if the food is good enough for me!

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