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From the Burpple community

Coffee cheese bread ($4.80)
Pumpkin cream cheese bread ($5)
minus $1 if you buy 2 big breads

They’re always so generous with their filling 😍🤤

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Being under the same group as Bakery Cuisine, MK also offers a very good variety of bread that you just wish you could bring everything home. This double chocolate bun ($1.20) is just one of the many - small (about 6cm IN diameter), soft, and fluffy, but I wished there could be more chocolate filling. I think Bakery Cuisine's version may be better, will try and let you know sometime 😉

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First time trying from this bakery, and I think it’s really good!! This chocolate cranberry bread was so sinfully good ❤️ The molten chocolate was rich but not too overpowering, and it was really generous! A little bit on the sweet side, but really worth the try ❤️

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At $1.80 per piece, MK Levure Naturelle’s Belgium Chocolate Bun is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Heating them for a couple of seconds, the filling was very much like molten lava, oozing from the interior as you peel the warm soft bun apart. Plain on the outside but lots of bittersweet gooey goodness on the inside, the rich chocolate stuffed buns were also not overly sweet.


this was 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼!!!!!! purple sweet potato filing on the inside tasted v rich and creamy 😋

This is most definitely one of the best chocolate bun I've had from any bakery in Singapore. And it's only $1.80!!

As someone who champions a minimum of 1:2 bread to filling ratio, trust me when I say that the filling in this is SO generous.

And the best thing is, the taste of chocolate in this bun is legit. You know how some chocolate fillings have that artificial flavouring taste that crushes a chocolate-lover's hopes and dreams? None of that bullshit here. While the taste isn't so rich and decadent that you'd henceforth announce a boycott of Awfully Chocolate or Chocolate Origins, it still is pretty awesome flavour you're getting for less than $2.

Not too sure if this is the same as the Chocolate Lava Bun that their posters advertised, but this was labelled on the shelves as Belgium Chocolate Bun.

MK Levure Naturelle is probably my absolute favourite bakery in Singapore, for the low price, awesome quality, and great variety of breads it offers. There are just so many flavours that I enjoy immensely. Do try the Teriyaki Chicken, Cinnamon Raisin and Nutella Crunch loaves if you happen to pass by. You know what, try ALL the flavours - and you can do that for free because they put out baskets of free samples for all their loaves. So much awesomeness. Can I just live here already?