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From the Burpple community

Honestly I’m a biased reviewer for this place as I came right from the hospital after getting diagnosed for gastroenteritis. So this was comfort food for me at its finest.
I enjoyed the place thoroughly and the food soothed my aching stomach.
10/10 would return no kidding
Do expect long queues tho

The unique experience won’t be complete if not ordering the flower tea. It is aromatic, good for your health (anti aging, antioxidant refreshing, relaxing). One pot is enough for 2 persons sharing.🍵👌

Despite this being one of recommended dish, we are slightly let down by its soggy bottom. The sauce is spot on but just the other dishes & ambience, we need not ordering this. 😉

Out of 8 condiments served with porridge, our most favourite is preserved vegetable (กานาฉ่าย). It is a nice showcase of what Thai-Chinese breakfast look like. One set for one person. Don’t attempt to share as it is depleted quickly.

These are baked char siew baos, made easy to eat because they are bite sized and doesn’t make you full easily, letting you have space for more food here!

These are quite different from those we have in Singapore, they tend to be more of the Teochew type of siewmai as compared to the Cantonese type. Plus the sauce is really good, it’s vinegar with chilli!