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Only the superlative good of everything in our handcrafted ice cream for our lickers.

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Lickers offers an interesting variety of flavours. While some of them are decent, in general, I find that most of the ice cream lacks the richness of cream / dairy taste to it. It's flavour and texture is flatter and also melts faster.

Featuring Cookie Monster and Honeycomb.

Still, a good treat when it's warm.

Honey Comb and Dark Chocolate with waffles. Served with a dash of maple syrup.

This is worth sharing with friends but the ice-cream melts rather fast. So this speaks a lot about the texture of the ice-cream.

One of the very few ice-cream cafes that opens past midnight.

πŸ˜‹ Love the refreshing Lychee Rose Sorbet on the airy crispy waffle ($7.50) I was happy 😊 🍦 Dear hubby went for his favorite Rum & Raisin ($4.30) but was disappointed by the overpowering rum 😏 🍦 #burpple

Our usual night hide out for waffles and ice cream. The lychee rose is refreshingly good.

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- Oolong Lavender ($4.30) - creamy, nice & not too sweet 🍦 Truffle Fries ($9.90) - so good 😊 Next visit gotta try their waffle πŸ˜‹ This place is open till 2am ✌🏻 #burpple

It’s a little noisy and packed on a Sunday night. They serve coffee and some finger food such as truffle fries. Generous portion and perhaps the cone is too small for 2 scoops of ice cream. So better eat fast or else you will end up in a mess. Maybe opt for cup or waffles will be a much better choice.