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Lickers (Hougang)

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Only the superlative good of everything in our handcrafted ice cream for our lickers.

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When we were buying the scoop of Oolong Lavender, the staff kindly warned us that the lavender taste was very strong and offered to let us try it first before getting it. We appreciated that gesture very much! The lavender taste was indeed overwhelming and honestly I couldn’t taste the Oolong, it was more like a lavender ice cream, which is fine by me and still yummy because I am a fan of lavender.

The roasted pistachio ice cream was surprisingly very good - it was super nutty and tasted like real pistachio, not the “fake pistachio tastes” that you may encounter in other ice creams. It was as if I was eating frozen blended pistachios, and I loved it!

I finally know why this place is so popular...super worth it + amazing waffles + great vibes!!

Value for money, but that’s pretty much the only thing that attracted me. The ice cream doesn’t have a smooth feel and melts real fast. Also, the flavour doesn’t come through as I would have expected. Guess it’s the only available ice cream offering there, and its humongous scoop that’s attracting the crowd. Wouldn’t try it another time.

Tried the Cookie Monster flavour ($10.50 for a take home pint) - loved the interesting colours and theme to this ice cream! Gave my tongue a happy tinge of blue. It was essentially a vanilla ice cream with cookies in it, but it had a salty dimension to it, which made the ice cream overall very addictive!

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Wide range of flavours! Love their waffles. YUMS. The ice cream was affordable and highly recommend their rum and raisin!

IA serious, serious steal my friends. I know they’ve been around for awhile now but for some reason my lag time’s insane 😅 Had a scoop of their Strawberry Creme and the flavour was pretty decent! I liked that it tasted like real strawberries, with a touch of creaminess to round off its natural acidity. A pity that the flavour hits you real strong at the start and doesn’t really linger as it melts, and I also found the texture waaaay too hard and crumbly. My ice cream literally fell off the spoon multiple times cause it was so dry :,)