9 King Albert Park
#01-21/22/23 KAP Mall
Singapore 598332

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11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Classic Pho - $13
Rice noodle with classic beef broth that’s light yet flavourful. Australian eye round beef cooked till pinkish, layered at the top of the rice noodle. Usual herbs served. Ordered a cup of Iced Viet Coffee ($5) to cool down and perk me up

[ Avoid, avoid, avoid ] Since I’ve given Lily’s a week to follow-up but have been very kindly left on indefinite “read” + non-apologies, here’s my horrible experience:

Disclaimer: That wasn’t our first time eating Lily’s food. Since a few months after they’ve opened, a certain someone has been bringing me their pho and has dined there a few times.

Since we were already familiar with their pho and banh mi, we wanted to try their mains instead. However, it was only after we were seated downstairs did we realise that most of their mains were reserved for their second-storey space. We requested to be moved up, and were reseated.

The manager who initially served us exuded nothing but disdain and hostility. After we settled in, she peered at us.

“First time here?” “Yes, upstairs.” “You know there’s a dress code right?”

She left that hanging pointedly.

No, we weren’t aware of a dress code. Neither did we see any sign or were informed of one when we entered.

I’ve dined in many places, and not once was I not told at the door there’s a dress code, but seated comfortably before it was made known to me. (Better yet, there were others in shorts and sandals upstairs too — what on earth did the dress code entail then?)

We were asked if we wanted water after. We accepted.

“You know you have to pay for water right?”

Fine, perhaps we’d unknowingly infringed on your mysterious dress code, but not only did you seat us, you’ve no qualms taking our money, WHILE speaking to us with such arrogance. Abhorrent behaviour for any service staff, let alone a manager.

She left after, avoided us (she topped up everyone else’s but our water), stared at us from across the room, and directed someone else to serve us for the rest of the night (who was lovely; affable and helpful, the way service staff should be).

Tl;dr expect to be treated like you’re lesser than human unless you’re their “perfect” client (being able to pay your bill doesn’t cut it apparently!)

Food: overpriced, literally bite-sized (3 mouthfuls of beef cheeks for 3x++; starters = 90% cane with a lick of paste; a literal splatter of under-seasoned mashed potatoes), mediocre quality, unoriginal flavours, and frivolous additions (gotta pay for the 3 tiny florets of romanesco broccoli!).

Given the price per bite of meat, just go to Origin Grill instead.

Chanced upon the new Lily•s at KAP Mall; the establishment situated just at the corner of the building facing the main road. Serving up Modern French Vietnamese cuisine, the clean, minimalist space offers items such as Pho, Banh Mi and Noodles on the menu, some of which carrying an interesting fusion such as the Spicy Beef Tongue Mala Pho and the Chili Crab Banh Mi.

Opting for something more conventional, the Fish Sauce Pork Belly Banh Mi was a dish that was absolutely flavourful of a Banh Mi. The variant here comes with pork belly, braised with fish sauce and served with Sriracha Fish Sauce Mayonnaise on the side. Unlike the conventional Banh Mi out there, this version from Lily•s comes with diced pork belly rather than slabs or slices — a bit of a surprise for some, but carries a unique character of its own. While some folks may find the diced chunks of pork being a little dry and a little difficult to chew, it seems that they are very much trying to do something akin to candied pork here; that sort of pork belly chunks that comes with a slight chew and coated in a saltish-sweet glaze that is all sticky and dense — provides a punch of flavours against the greens and onions, while the toasted baguette comes all crisp on the exterior and chewy within with margarine spread for a slight umami note with everything going on within. Felt that there wasn’t much of a use for Srircha Fish Sauce Mayo when I was enjoying the baguette, though on hindsight it could have worked if one spreads it across the pork belly chunks — its mustard-esque hint of flavours would have cut through the meatiness of the baguette pretty well.

Given how Lily•s had branded itself as a French Vietnamese establishment, we found it hard to associate the French element with the menu that they are serving — perhaps referring more to the use of French cooking techniques into their food, considering some of the dishes have a very interesting Chinese or local fusion element to them. With the lack of Vietnamese options up at Bukit Timah, Lily•s does make for an interesting addition to KAP Mall and the area — wished they could expand further on their beverage selection and sides to carry a more varied selection, considering how it carries the vibe of a gastro bar that expats would certainly enjoy having an evening drink with the convenience of being near home.