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Akan Datang...Not Yet Tried♻

Akan Datang...Not Yet Tried♻

Featuring The Refinery, Roadhouse, Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth), Hot Pans, NEATO (Burlington Square), Moosehead, Bistro du Vin (Shaw Centre), Osteria Mozza, Grin Affair (Everton Park), Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice
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Finally satisfied my curiosity about Burnt Ends' Beef Marmalade and Pickles! Hot damn, this sexaaay little number is just a party in your mouth.🔥Meaty, juicy with a sweetness that compliments the beef really well. There's also little hunks of bone marrow for creaminess and the pickles for a little zing. Besides the Onglet, this is one item you have to get!👅💦💦💦

For the sweet of tooth, this is great for wrapping up (heehee - geddit, geddit? 😜) your meal here. The "pillow" is made from the same dough as their pizzas, so you can expect a really good crust.
Chef Matteo first spreads a generous amount of Nutella over the dough. He then adds almond slices, before fashioning it into a charming four-cornered form with some stretching and folding. After letting it bake in the oven for about 5 minutes, he takes it out, pops on a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and throws crumbled frozen raspberries, more almonds and fresh mint leaves all over. These, as you can imagine, go very well with the piping hot crunchy crust and melting gooey chocolate within.
Do take note that this is one huge ass dessert. So unless the Nutella Pillow is the ONLY thing you plan on eating at Atmastel, I recommend you order it to share. Of my party of four at lunch that day, two of us couldn't finish our quarter.

This casual spot on Tanjong Katong Road (they've taken over the space once occupied by Kay Lee Roast) is the place to go on penny-pinching days. My Makan Place serves up familiar Indonesian and Malay dishes — think Gado Gado ($4.90), Mee Rebus ($5.90) and Mee Siam ($5.90) — at extremely affordable prices. The Mee Rebus is a favourite among the Burpple community, thanks to its depth of flavour and quality toppings that include crispy fried fish, ngoh hiang and an oozy egg. It's homey and Burpplers really liked that they got to customise their noodles — choose from yellow noodles, bee hoon, kway teow, udon and ramen. The Mee Siam comes in a thick gravy that Burpple Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang describes to be sweeter and more peanutty than most, but still tasty. Consider ordering the Gado Gado to share. The magic lies in the peanut sauce, which hits the perfect balance of nutty, savoury and sweet, with a good kick of spice.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang

Even though Blackwattle, the latest restaurant to be added to the Unlisted Collection Group, officially opens tomorrow, it was already buzzing when I lunched there today.
Prior to my visit, I had explored their menu online having heard that it's co-owned by Head Chef Clayton Wells of the award-winning Automata in Sydney (he's also been voted "Hottest Chef" in 2016 by The Australian). Immediately after reading, my curiosity was piqued and appetite whetted by what's listed there. I also learned, when seated in the restaurant this afternoon, that they do a set lunch too: 2-course $38++, 3-course: $48++. A very pleasant surprise indeed.
Shown above is the one and only entrée/starter in that menu. It's kingfish tartare tossed in crème fraiche, and embellished with capers, yuzu kosho and wedges of fresh plums.
I had walked into Blackwattle with high expectations and this helped meet it. The description alone should have painted a clear picture of the astonishing taste profile of this dish. For me, the yuzu kosho was a particularly brilliant touch since I always love a bit of heat.
The slinky, rather dark and narrow interior is extraordinarily long with a sexy-looking open kitchen tucked right at the end. This spells ample choice for seating. If you prefer more natural light, I suggest requesting for a table closer to the entrance as the middle section is slightly darker/cosier.

What a bright start to the week :) #sgfoodsteps #sgfood #sgfoodie #sgfoodiary #sgeats #foodsg #sgcafe #sgcafefood #sgcafehopping #instafood_sg #openricesg #burpple #setheats #8dayseat #i8mondays #naan #fix

I like Yamazaki,
Uhh, I like Yamazaki Ebi miso ramen!

Lovely rich umami Ebi miso stock that’s satisfying and not jelak. Add a shot of Yamazakai for that punch. Japanese XO Hae Mee that’s totally awesome.

Could the magic lie behind massaging their noodles before dry-tossing it in their signature sauce mix? Doesn't matter, take my money! 🤤
Ongoing Promotion:
Flash your @GVMovieClub eCard to get $1 off with min. spend of $5. *Valid at City Square, I12 Katong, Suntec City & VivoCity Food Republic outlets till 30th June 2017 only.
Thanks @Cptslowyeo for feeding us all hungry squad at @FoodRepublicSG! Check out #Cptslowyeoxfoodrepublicsg for the rest of the food marathon yay.

The salty potato chip-like fries were as noisily crisp as mama shop keropok, whilst elsewhere the spicy and succulent crab dip had a refreshing Tilda Swindon-esque shock of ice-queen frostiness. 4.1/5

Served just like how we locals drink our coffees from a bag in the office, the Kopi Cat is a cocktail made with a concoction of salted caramel vodka, Kopi, hazelnut, condensed milk, orgeat and a dash of black salt. This comes as a rather well-mixed drink that sees the alcohol and intended flavours all come together as one; sweet yet alcoholic at the start but turns into something similar to a sweetened, flavoured latte for its finish. One of the better drinks on the table that night.

Made my reservations for Loof through Chope via Burpple and entered "CHOPEBURPPLE" to earn 200 Chope Dollars, while reviewing the restaurant that you have reserved on Burpple using #BurppleXChope earns another 200 more — an amount good enough for one to purchase vouchers for selected restaurants on Chope. ✌🏻

A heart-stopping experience with this Martabak Manis Pancake Boss Combo ($9.90) which is a renowned Indonesian sweet treat. The combo pancake comes stuffed with kachang, cheese and chocolate rice. The exterior is finished with a spread of margarine for that additional indulgence. Best to share the calories with 2-3 people.

Pancake Boss
Address: 470, North Bridge Road, Bugis Cube Mall, Unit 04-15, Singapore 188735

As part of this special day, JPOT has launched one of our iconic local favourite - Chilli Crab Set ($52 for 2 pax where you can enjoy LIVE crab, their assorted signature ingredients such as LIVE prawns, home made fish balls and so on with their R&D Chilli Crab Soup base ($19.80 if you order separately) 🦀
The exciting part is you get to create your own Chilli Crab sauce where a separate cornstarch and egg will be served together. So one price, 2 ways of eating! 😏
Available only in August, so don't miss it! 🇸🇬

A Malay breakfast staple of coconut rice and toppings like fried fish, crispy anchovies, egg and spicy sambal, nasi lemak is a well-loved dish that's enjoyed throughout the day, even at suppertime! It's easy to get your hands on a banana leaf-wrapped packet of the rice from hawker centres, but for a revolutionary nasi lemak experience, consider shelling out a bit more for a meal at The Coconut Club. This hip but laid-back Ann Siang Hill restaurant specialises in Nasi Lemak ($12.80) and they also serve a great cendol for dessert. Every ingredient on the plate is done extremely well, which more than justifies its price. The coconut rice is fragrant yet light, the chicken is expertly marinated and fried till golden and juicy, the anchovies are crisp, the fried-egg is spot on and the accompanying sambal packs a whole lot of punchy flavour and just enough heat. Yum! Make sure you save space for the Cendol ($3.80). The dessert is a revelation of how the simple combination of finely shaved ice, green jelly noodles, aromatic gula Melaka syrup and fresh coconut milk can be so, so tasty.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Julius Lim