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Akan Datang...Not Yet Tried♻

Akan Datang...Not Yet Tried♻

Featuring The Refinery, Roadhouse, Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth), Hot Pans, NEATO (Burlington Square), Moosehead, Bistro du Vin (Shaw Centre), Osteria Mozza, Grin Affair (Everton Park), BeerThai House Restaurant (Golden Mile Tower)
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Happy National Day all!

As part of this special day, JPOT has launched one of our iconic local favourite - Chilli Crab Set ($52 for 2 pax where you can enjoy LIVE crab, their assorted signature ingredients such as LIVE prawns, home made fish balls and so on with their R&D Chilli Crab Soup base ($19.80 if you order separately) 🦀
The exciting part is you get to create your own Chilli Crab sauce where a separate cornstarch and egg will be served together. So one price, 2 ways of eating! 😏
Available only in August, so don't miss it! 🇸🇬

For a Refined Take on Nasi Lemak

A Malay breakfast staple of coconut rice and toppings like fried fish, crispy anchovies, egg and spicy sambal, nasi lemak is a well-loved dish that's enjoyed throughout the day, even at suppertime! It's easy to get your hands on a banana leaf-wrapped packet of the rice from hawker centres, but for a revolutionary nasi lemak experience, consider shelling out a bit more for a meal at The Coconut Club. This hip but laid-back Ann Siang Hill restaurant specialises in Nasi Lemak ($12.80) and they also serve a great cendol for dessert. Every ingredient on the plate is done extremely well, which more than justifies its price. The coconut rice is fragrant yet light, the chicken is expertly marinated and fried till golden and juicy, the anchovies are crisp, the fried-egg is spot on and the accompanying sambal packs a whole lot of punchy flavour and just enough heat. Yum! Make sure you save space for the Cendol ($3.80). The dessert is a revelation of how the simple combination of finely shaved ice, green jelly noodles, aromatic gula Melaka syrup and fresh coconut milk can be so, so tasty.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Julius Lim

Za'atar Pita, Homemade Hummus

One of my favourite places to stop by for a delicious snack. This places supplies the best pita in the country to some of the best restaurants, so you know you're in for a treat! My favorites are the wholemeal and za'atar pitas, served warm alongside their superbly creamy hummus. Say yes when he asks if you take spicy, and you'll be rewarded with a lovely dusting of chili powder. Loaded with whole chickpeas and hard boiled eggs, this was divine. I also loved the really simple, no frills environment, just sitting along the walkway at Bali Lane and snacking on these beauties 👌🏻

"Baby Oysters Stirfried wjth Spring Onion, Teochew Style" (medium: $42++)

Besides the "Pan Fried Flour Omelette with Taro" and the "Hor Fun with Diced Kai Lan and Preserved Radish", this was the other more interesting dish at Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine. Recommended by the manager, the name of it is "Baby Oysters Stirfried wjth Spring Onion, Teochew Style". We got the medium portion as there were 6 of us.
The seasoning and spring onions they were fried in tasted mild, so the natural sweetness of the slightly creamy baby oysters still shone through.
To eat, we first piled them on to the fresh, crisp iceberg lettuce served alongside. And then got busy chomping everything down.

Onglet, Burnt Onion and Bone Marrow ($26/100g)

This bad boy ended up weighing about 320g... and after watching them carefully portion it out and presenting it to us, I knew it was going to be a winner. The meat was perfectly cooked to medium rare as you can see, but that burnt onion base and the bone marrow sauce makes the dish....

Pineapple and Rum Sabayon ($10)

Each bite of this was just eye-rollingly good. Love how they charred the pineapple to perfection which gave this nice balance of the sweet, tangy and bitterness of the dish.

Hakka Yong Soy Foo ($ varies)

Tucked away in the neighborhood of Toa Payoh is this popular stall that normally has a long line in front of it. Choose from the yong tau foo favourites, and I'll recommend the fried beancurd skin, ngor hiang and tao gua. The secret is in the chili sauce so I'll recommend that you order the dry version. Came up to about $4 for this bowl, so it's pretty affordable.

Tacos For Two

Chilli lime prawn tacos and Galbi short ribs beef tacos.

Don't be fooled by the mound of fresh vegs, beneath that is a gold mine of juicy beef and moist prawns.

The beef tacos were the clear winner between the two. Perfectly marinated and bursting with juice, it was a chaotic mess with bits and bobs falling out everywhere; but we didn't care. The prawns were flashed fried but still remained plump and tasty but unfortunately were sorely outnumbered by the amount of beef we had (each taco had like 2 prawns?)

Prices are pretty alright as long as you avoid the Margaritas. All in all a great experience at Vatos!

Iced Thai Tea…literally!

Now what could be better than a cup of Thai Milk Tea? Only a cup of Thai Milk Tea soft-serve! Available at Soi55’s Ang Mo Kio outlet, this icy treat serves as a coolant, necessary for the hotter days of the weather which has been mercilessly polarised lately. 😣

This was creamier than it was icy, but judging from the texture and the taste, I have a hunch that little was altered from their original recipe of the Thai Milk Tea before they converted it to this glorious spiralling steeple. Not that it was a turn-off at all, but it was definitely a little predictable in that sense. Some jellies take cover beneath the soft-serve, which was a pleasant surprise. It also added some bite to an otherwise regular ice-cream treat.😗

Lastly, you can choose to ornament your cup of soft-serve with various toppings – between sago jelly, grass jelly, chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles and coconut chips. They may not seem like much, but they will make it more picture-perfect to help add life to your Instagram accounts. 😎

This is available in two sizes – small ($3) and large ($4) – and available in three flavours – Thai Milk Tea, Coconut and Hybrid. With really affordable prices and a prime location at 51 @ AMK (a 5-minute walk from the Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange), you should definitely consider making plans to visit Soi55 sometime! 😛 (7.1/10)

Jean Georges' signature Truffle Fontina pizza at - this pizza crust, to me, is perhaps the perfect crust.

Soft and fluffy, with crispy charred bits, and extremely thin; you could eat more of the pizza without being filled up by the crust. The best part about this is that I taste both the truffle and the cheese without being overwhelmed by the fumes of truffle oil from the next table or mine. I abhor the stench of truffle oil but I had to give this a go, given that it's a signature dish. I am glad it did not disappoint. I would definitely order this again in a heartbeat. #burpple #dempseycookhouseandbar

Three Cheese Risotto

Wasn't intending to have lunch here initially but I reckon I should return to try their lunch out. Went with this item, which is probably a safe bet for those who love their cheesy risotto. The barley pearls were whole and distinguishable, bearing a good bite without being a mush — bound together by stringy cheese, it's much of a delight to have considered it's pretty cheesy in flavour with different flavour contrasts with the different cheeses used. Comes with a popcorn salad — some may find the popcorn unnecessary but I quite like how it adds a slight earthy bite for it comes unsweetened and goes surprisingly well with the vinaigrette used for the salad. The pickled radish and beetroot gives the dish a refreshing change of flavours and textures — juicy, crunchy chunks/slices that helps cleanse the palate in between the heaviness of the cheesy barley risotto.

Rainy cold days got me thinking about something warm, soupy & extremely comforting.

The Sài Gòn / Fisherman Pork Noodle Soup ($12) is one comforting yet healthy choice! Instead of using pho, Mee Tai Mak (Rat's Tail) is used instead. This makes it easier for most to have spoonfuls filled with MTM & it's pork-filled clear broth, while preparing for that spicy yet light kick of chili to end off each mouthful.
Another item you should try if you're intending to head down is the Banh Xeo ($12.90) which is an eggy pancake filled with prawns, pork and fresh herbs! You can either have it on it's own, or wrap it with lettuce before popping it in!