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Akan Datang...Not Yet Tried♻

Akan Datang...Not Yet Tried♻

Featuring The Refinery, Roadhouse, JAAN, Two Chefs Eating Place (Commonwealth), Hot Pans, NEATO (Burlington Square), Moosehead, Bistro du Vin (Shaw Centre), Eat 3 Bowls (Seah Im Food Centre), Osteria Mozza
Steve G
Steve G
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So moreish we ordered this twice! Deep-fried potatoes dusted with chutney powder aka gun powder cos it's supposedly spicy hot (but it's not really). The accompanying herby aioli-like dip just sealed the deal.

Siew Mai is one of the dim sum classics and a must-order item for me. I kind of judge how good a dim sum restaurant is by the standard of their siew mai. 😆

If beef bowl is your thing, you definitely have to try this Wagyu Black Pepper Beef Bowl ($22) from STRAY by Fatcat. Tender and nicely seared wagyu steak that remains warm pinkish inside. Sprinkled with spring onions and fried shallots for some crunch and a nice subtle Chinese-style fragrance, a wobbly and running onsen egg by the side, the bowl is completed with a beautiful and refreshing pink ginger foam! 😍

Wei xiang Kitchen

This is the best horfun I have eaten and even the standards at most Chinese restaurants can’t compare. I don’t have a big appetite but I can surely finish something so good like this all on my own.

Think slithery smooth springy high quality horfun with a Smokey wok charred fragrance combined with velvety smooth egg gravy and a generous amount of seafood and pork slices . I opted for the horfun sans the prawns 🍤 because I don’t fancy crystal prawns.

I love the food at wei xiang because other than the food being so delicious - the Chef executes his dishes in a healthy way ( yes ! Think healthier tze char) without being too salty or oily :)

Portions are generous so that is a sure bonus !

The slow roast whole Spanish-Style Suckling Pig (needs to be ordered 3 days in advance) is prepared estilo español. Each glistening piece of pork consists of a mix of crisp skin, fat and meat.

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[Halal] This premium (or atas, if you will) interpretation of the iconic chili crab may come at a wallet-singing price, but its quality is tough to dispute.

You get a whole lobster sprinkled with melted cheddar, mozzarella and gruyere cheeses, which is bathed in a pool of piping hot sweet-sour and-spicy soup. The meat was incredibly tender – devoid of resistance upon an almost effortless prick of the knife. Imagine this soaked in the hot soup; this is truly one dish to experience for yourself. 🙌🏽 (7.7/10)

This is the default destination for many when the craving for Malay-style nasi lemak hits. Obviously the big draw here is the all-you-can-eat fragrant, rich rice. That, and the two kinds of freeflow sambal because the world made up of two kinds of people - those whose tastebuds adore the sweet and those who swear by the savoury. I am firmly in the latter’s camp (Nasi Lemak Kukus’ version is wonderfully fiery so proceed with caution).
What’s cool is this place operates on a self-service model for the add-on’s and dishes (at least that’s what I experienced today). Apart from the basics like crunchy peanuts with ikan bilis, chicken wing, ikan kuning and cucumber, the other half of the displayed food is made up of hot dishes in pots. Here is where calorie counters explode. Lemak-till-can-die sayur lodeh, beef rendang, stewed beef lungs and other spicy chicken dishes wink at you cheekily, daring to be scooped up and ravished. I managed to resist them this afternoon but I doubt if that’s going to be possible on my next visit.

Not sure if they will be having other items in their menu but right now there’s only this humongous layered dessert that’s made up of fresh mango cubes, mango sorbet, fresh cream and mango juice (from top to bottom). The smaller version cost $8.90 but there’s a free upgrade to the large size (priced at $11.90) now! For fans of all things mango, you wouldn’t want to miss this.
Mango King Thai Desserts
Address: 2, Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, Unit B4-63, Singapore 238801

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Dutch veal ravioli with sage and truffle emulsion

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Slightly greasy due to the chilli oil but overall a very comforting bowl to cure those hunger pangs. I would also highly recommend the Dan Dan Mien which might seem unassuming at first sight, but it was actually my favourite over the Mapo Don. The al dente noodles were coated thoroughly with the Szechuan spices and the all-important peanut sauce, creating an umami bomb from each bite. The tossed noodles were so good on its own that you don’t even need the minced meat that’s on top of it. The best part is that you can now have the best of both worlds as there is a set menu consisting of a Mapo Don and Dan Dan Mien for a single pax.
Chen’s Mapo Tofu
Address: 6A, Shenton Way, Downtown Gallery, Unit 02-29, Singapore 068809

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