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Keropok Man
Keropok Man

From a slab of bbq ribs.

We (colleagues and I) feel like stabbing this team of people at work that is making us go through an online course that’s taking so much of our time.

Anyway, we steamed the ribs that was in the chiller. (It was almost frozen.) Steaming it makes it softer and moist. We also had containers of extra dipping sauce when we ordered it but we didn’t use them, coz we thought it is already so much calories. Now thinking about it, since already got so much calories, a few more shouldn’t be too bad? 😂

This time with another half slab of spicy spicy sticky ribs. Thanks sis for preparing the ingredients. Pickled sweet gherkins are especially tasty with spicy pull pork!

So today, I decided to go out again after maybe 1 or 1.5 weeks and get something I missed eating! The Nasi Goreng Istimewa! Used to eat this so often before CB! The Mrs wanted to have the laksa, it has 2 prawns and hum too! The laksa gravy is separated. So no soggy noodles. The my also daily special $6 meals! Today’s daily special is the kid’s fav Spaghetti Bolognese. Yes, very tasty that the kid finished the whole portion. She’s a pasta girl! They have delivery service or you can pick up from the Kent Ridge Guild House, Suntec City Guild House or Mandalay Guild House. (Drive thru pick up, so you don’t need to get down the car, Suntec pick up is at Tower 5 taxi stand). Only for members only, coz you’ll be billed together with your monthly subs.

I ordered 3 family sized 🥧 for 3 households! Baked in this wood fired oven at @FireBakeSG, East Coast Road. Took the first 3 photos of the oven, and the Chef @kblokbergen way back in 2017 (so they are grainy coz was using iPhone 7 then). The last photo of the pie is ‘picked’ from their social media pages.

They are 1kg Woodfired Family size Beef (or Chicken) Pie. Their description sounds so tasty, I’ll just repeat (paraphrased) it here: chunks of beef, carrots, celery, thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, star anise and cinnamon. Enriched with tomato paste, veal stock and red wine. Pie is then topped with cheddar cheese and enrobed in short crust pastry then off it goes into the woodfired oven. They also recommend mash potatoes to go with it, but I preordered their mushroom soup instead coz it’s so good (and I know the 3 mothers I am sending them too are mushroom soup fans). For prices etc, you can check their IG / FB. You have to be quite patient when you Whatapp them. Like any F&B now, they have super lean staff strength. So be patient like me. Haha.... (oh yes, the pies are only available from 8 - 10 May, limited bakes daily, I chope 3 already).

Wifey just want some coffee shop style dim sum, and we can actually find them on GrabFood! So fast too! Less than 15 mins and it arrived from TradeHub! Faster than us walking to a coffee shop! Zhi Bao Ji is quite nice. So is the Bak Kwa Bao!

We have a rule, anyone goes out of the house, come back must shower. This is less hassle! Lol!

So we have veg with egg (with clams) and pumpkin and pork soup. This soup is so good. The dried oysters, ginkgo etc in the soup made it so lovely!

We were surprised that the Mrs served the veg in this ceramic plate. She spotted it while housekeeping. She can’t believe the kitchen stuff that I used to buy before we got married.

It’s actually an induction friendly ceramic pan! Magic isn’t it? Normally if you want to use ceramic stuff, you can’t use it on an induction cooker. This one can because it has a metal plate embedded inside the ceramic pan. I bought it at @tottstore long ago, you can check them out to see if they still have it.

Supposedly helps you count. I have to eat this coz I’ve lost count of how many days since CB started!

Thanks to my Aunt who made this for us! So yumz! Had it with the pickles cucumber!

I think Japanese cucumber taste better than Lebanese cucumber. This time let it pickle longer by an extra day. The last few times, we are it up within 24 hours! 6-7 cucumbers shrank to only barely 1 bottle. Split to 3 portions. 2 portions given to neighbours as food exchange! Hope they like it! Need to order more cucumbers!

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Coz the wife thinks that finally it’s time for the kid to try Mackerel. (I think lots of parents don’t let their kids eat fish that’s high in mercury too.) She actually likes it!

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Except the use of plastic which is not green. (Maybe if we reuse the containers at least 2 times before throwing it away?)

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CB is a time to clean up pantry. So it got transform to a very tasty Flourless Chocolate Chestnut Cake. I like it when it’s chilled! Goes well with my @starbuckssg Iced Matcha Latte. I think I have come up with a ratio that I love to make the matcha latte. Still not ice blending it coz I don’t want to clean the blender.

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