Korean Cuisine (Asian)

Korean Cuisine (Asian)

Featuring Joo Bar, 8 Korean BBQ (Clarke Quay Central), Wang Dae Bak Charcoal BBQ (Cross Street Exchange), Kim Dae Mun (Concorde Hotel), SYNC Korean Fusion Bistro (Westgate), Wang Dae Bak Korean BBQ Restaurant (Amoy Street), Kimchi Korean Restaurant, Seoul Yummy (Bugis+), Togi Korean Restaurant (Chinatown), Cookhouse by Koufu (Jem)
Alainlicious Eats
Alainlicious Eats

TGIF lunch at Twins Chicken, at new Korean restaurant at Tanjong Pagar. Had two of the recommended Twins fried chicken - Soy & Garlic and Yangnyum.

We all agreed that the Yangnyum (sweet & spicy) was pretty good, however think that the soy & garlic fried chicken could possibly outshine the latter, if the soy and garlicky flavours were stronger.


Fabulous Macaroni and Cheese ($9.90) with rich flavour and ooey-gooey texture. I certainly didn't expect such a comforting dish coming from this side of the equator - at a Korean fried chicken restaurant.

I wouldn't mind if it's creamier, extra cheesy and also possibly in a much bigger serving.

Fun fact about CHIR CHIR: OCD simply mean Obsessive Chicken Disorder. Once you tried the hen here, you might not fall in love with another elsewhere.

Where to find CHIR CHIR: At B3 of 313 @ Somerset and 2nd level of Bedok Point Mall. Just follow the beeline, you shouldn't miss it.


Behind the scene: Taking the comforting Korean Kimchi Fried Rice topped with cheese and bonito flakes. This is how we take pictures in low light environment, just flash the food with lighting.

No LED flash? Borrow a friend's handphone flash light works too. Edit picture with Snapseed app, by reducing the brightness and increasing the contrast. There you go.

This BIBIMBAP Bingsu is the first of its kind featuring 8 seasonal toppings such as mangoes, strawberries, kiwis, red beans, granola and more.

At the price of $28 may seems a bit high for some, but it is not as the serving can share 3 to 4 person comfortably. Available on weekdays from 11:30am to 2:30pm and weekends 11:30am to 4:30pm.


The chilly weather today makes me crave for a steamy hot stew and some insanely mouth watering E!ght flavours BBQ Mangalitsa pork belly.

Details on E!ght updated on the blog. http://www.alainlicious.com/2015/06/8-korean-bbq-potentially-one-of-best.html


The Spicy BBQ version undergoes an additional step of pan-frying so that the chicken is evenly coated in sauce. The dish is accompanied with salsa, a whole salt-baked egg and a fluffy baked potato with sour cream.


Have you tried Chir Chir the popular Korean fusion chicken at 313 Somerset? They just opened a second outlet at Bedok Point today, and I bought a $100 cash voucher from Groupon with 45% savings.
Spotted over 641 bought online, this is such an incredible deal. Selling fast for a limited time only (27 March). Faster go buy now and don't say I never say.

Chir Chir is one of the best Korean fried chicken I had to date. Featuring three of the signature chicken centric dishes Crispy, Garlicky and Spicy chicken. My vote goes to the garlicky chicken if you love lip smacking soy and garlic.

Second to it, will be the crispy which offers the most succulent flesh that is tasty from skin to bone.


Slow roasted Mangalitsa Belly, a pork speciality at Joo Bar served with spring onion salad. This is no ordinary pork, it's a Hungarian Mangalitsa breed known for its depth of flavours, and touted as the Kobe beef of pork.

Paired well with makgeolli or other tipples. It's good fats and marbling, so don't go belly on me.


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