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Sweet Treats 🍧

Sweet Treats 🍧

Things my tongue will thank me for, but my liver will not
Evangeline Ching
Evangeline Ching

Tried their Banana Chocolate Shibuya toast. It looks like the ultimate food porn subject, but the experience of eating it isn't so pleasant. Firstly, I had absolutely no idea where to start, and the staff didn't explain either, so what I did was so cut the bread and try to break it apart. Secondly, you could get a bit sick of eating it after awhile, as there's way too much toast. I felt like I was eating bread more than dessert. At least the vanilla ice cream tasted good and complimented well with the buttered toast, but there's just way too much bread.

The waffles and ice cream selection look really good though, I should give them a try next time, since it is just a stone's throw away from my place :)

Cookies & Cream and Green Light [$5.50] from Milkcow. The former is just their regular soft serve with Oreo cookies, whereas the latter is almond flakes with mint sauce.
The soft serve is way too milky for me, it tastes like I was eating milk powder, and even cream cheese at some point. However, I found it much better with the mint sauce as it added some sweetness to its otherwise overpoweringly milky soft serve.
Yup, I'd rather stick to the normal vanilla-based ice creams all day err day

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Been eyeing the Momolato shop at SMU for awhile now, and I'm glad they're here for Car-Free Sunday! Finally got to try their Popsicles hurray!

The Pink Peach with Japanese Grape Slices [$4.00 each] was sweet, yet slightly sour. Pleasantly surprised by how natural they tasted (was expecting artificial-tasting flavours πŸ™Š). A pity they melted too quickly in the hot sun.

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The strong mint flavour from this ice cream is such a refreshing treat for the hot weather! Shiok~


Matcha Float [$6.50] and Matcha Shaved Ice [$7.50]. Originated from Kyoto and made from organic green tea, the matcha soft serve has a strong matcha taste and does not taste very milky unlike most soft serve ice cream. Matcha lovers will definitely love this! πŸ˜‹


Mango and honey lavender cakes in a jar, they're slightly frozen, but they're just the way I like them β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•

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Destressing after exam preparations with cakes. Heard this place is good for their cakes so we decided to stop by to try some. The cakes are baked in-house and are displayed so artistically in the shop. I loved the Earl Grey Lavender cake (in purple) the most! Cakes and coffee, the best companion to my late afternoon.


Visited Haji Lane for the first time with my friends. I love the variety of drinks here, so spoilt for choice 😍😍😍


Isn't this super photogenic? Sadly the taste wasn't what I expected it to be, but it still tasted good! The matcha taste wasn't very strong as it was overpowered by the sourness of the yogurt. Overall, it tasted more like a red bean and chocolate froyo, with a small hint of matcha green tea.

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Milky and creamy soft serve ice cream covered with crunchy milk-flavoured popcorn! Just when having popcorn and ice cream isn't sinful enough, why not have both together? Diabetes much, but oh so sinfully good 😌

Forever hungry

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