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Must Try

Must Try

Featuring The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., Chin Mee Chin Confectionery, Tai Cheong Bakery (Holland Village), Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry, YY Kafei Dian, CreatureS, Black Society, A Summer in Paris, Dancing Crab (VivoCity), The Chinese Kitchen
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Happy Birthday Singapore! 🇸🇬 What’s a better way than to enjoy a good nostalgic tea break with your loved one? After the closing of Chin Mee Chin, I guess this would be my choice to come to for an old school kaya toast treat.

It’s so satisfying just by looking at them toast the buns till fluffy with crispy edges, and the smearing of a thick traditional Hainanese Kaya. The donut was pretty decent too, not as greasy and sweet as the traditional types which I would have preferred, but that’s just the unhealthy me. I loved my yuan yang while the boyf was happy with his Kopi gao. Could almost imagine them filtering with the traditional coffee sock filter in those metal cans!


@fortheloveofcreatures has taken its rendition of this local fare to a whole new level, with a touch of royalty. In a bowl much bigger than my face, there lies wok fried noodles in rich fragrant prawn broth, served with 2 fresh crayfishes, tiger prawns and squid, topped with generous serving of crispy pork lard, tobiko and a side of home-made sambal belacan.

Explosion of umami was beyond imagination, especially evident in the rich prawn broth, which I repeatedly drenched over the noodles. As if the savoriness wasn’t enough, tobiko was delightfully added which brings along a mildy salted taste and a popping experience. My only complaint was the crayfish were a little dry and the prawns could have been more juicy. Stir in their home-made sambal belacan for a spicy kick, and a hint of shrimp flavour. Having tasted such an atas Hokkien Mee, I have no regrets in life. 😍

Reservations are highly recommended for 2 seatings; 6pm and 8.30pm. As we were present for the first seating, a miscommunication of the time we had to clear the table resulted in some unhappiness. I would think that diners should never be told to change tables in the midst of their meals. Afterall, you would like to enjoy a lovely meal in peace, wouldn’t you?

Joining the Butterfly Pea Nasi Lemak scene, @momokitchensg is a cozy, homely eating place at Jalan Bukit Merah that serves Malaysian fare such as Nasi Lemak and Penang Prawn Noodles.

Tucking into the baby blue-colored rice, I was first presented with a strong boost of aroma, distinctly accentuated by coconut milk. Grains were distinct yet fluffy. Accompanying on the side were roasted ikan bilis and peanuts, fresh cucumber slices and a slice of omelette topped on the rice. The star, the succulent chicken leg. As much as I was tempted to have the signature rendang, the throat didn’t allow for that. Despite so, the lemongrass chicken didn’t let down. Sous vide, the juicy chicken meat was easily torn off and was packed with citrus, aromatic flavours as the saucy lemongrass on top seeped through. Paired with a sambal that leaned towards the sweet without much spicy kick.

I’d probably be back to try the signature rendang chicken Nasi Lemak and Penang prawn noodles. Highly recommended to make reservations as seats are pretty limited and seemed short handed. (I did through Facebook for my previous visit, but they seemed to have missed it out though.) Note that the location might be a little out of the way.

🕙 10am - 3pm (Mon, Wed to Fri), 11.30am - 8.30pm (Sat & Sun). Closed on Tuesdays.

How can I ever resist alluring desserts! Helmed by Pastry Chef Yann Brys, who was awarded Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011, the highest accolade for pastry chefs in France, @asummerinparis_singapore is the perfect place to have a relaxing afternoon tea with some exquisite cakes in a gorgeous contemporary chic setting.

A unanimous hot favourite was this “green apple”, Pompom. A dense layer of nutty pistachio tea cake sits on top of the crumbly citrus shortbread that sets a solid texture for the dessert’s base. Hidden beneath the glossy shell, the green apple cream and jelly was brilliantly created to be light, refreshing instead of sour. Simply enjoy all layers with each bite, as the airy citrusy cream meets the heavier base, and you will find your tastebuds dancing. How lucky we were to have the last piece available. Now who’s in with me for the next trip to A Summer In Paris?

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You should never ever miss this liu sha bao! Over the years from Bosses Restaurant to now Black Society, the standard of their custard bun has been so consistent and impressive that I am still keeping it as my top favourite amongst all the custard buns I have ever tried locally.

Each bun is rather petite, and you could actually just pop the entire bun in (of course, not really recommended because the lava content is scalding!). But the bun skin is so fluffy soft, such that it might just burst even when you are holding it, so gotta be cautious there. The waitress told us to take a bite off the bottom and start sucking the flowing custard because that’s where the bun’s opening supposedly was. It was heavenly as I bit away a portion of the skin and the molten custard started oozing. There’s a layer of oil floating on top, but when you eat it, it’s not as oily as it seemed. In fact, it’s a little buttery, milky, and extremely flavorful. Love their impeccable consistency and I could have 3 to myself at one go!

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If you are looking for an unconventional take of our iconic national dish, look no further than this Chili Crab Bread Bowl at Dancing Crab! The 2 live crabs at approximately 700g each, are nicely dissected to be encased within the bread bowl, and can be shared nicely among 4 people (you get 1 pincer each!) if you are ordering some sides or other smaller combos to go along.

No doubt you don’t get the pillowy man tous to dip in, but the crispy yet fluffy bread bowl make equally good dipping buddy. And even if the dish looks innovative, the sauce still retains the characteristic of the Singapore chili crab sauce; tangy, spicy (thanks to the chili padi used!), herbaceous from the lemongrass and ginger. What’s different are the pomelo chunks, that enhanced the refreshing taste amidst the heavy flavours in that bowl. Such citrusy with those from oranges are truly welcomed!

Might seem a little pricey, but fresh firm crab meat is definitely worth the wow especially when shared. At least we were rather impressed with a different type of chili crab.


Now available on regular menu.
How does a de-shelled chilli crab sound? Although it felt a little odd to not have my hands stained with the chilli crab sauce and crack the shell by myself, but it was surely of much convenience to still enjoy one of our local favourite dishes in such a clean and neat manner! Pretty sure lazy eaters would appreciate this. 😄

Sitting right in the middle of a pool of luscious tangy chilli crab sauce is the real gem itself; a tower built of such sweet, juicy crab meat. The sauce was slightly spicy, pretty flavourful and fills your mouth with a really rich texture.

Pair with their unique mantous that come in the shape of long breadsticks instead of the usual pillow-shaped ones. Still as fluffy inside and crispy outside!

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($88/2 pax, 2 servings of fine teas & coffee each. $138/2 pax, inclusive of a half-bottle Taittinger Brut Champagne. Both include unlimited crepés & ice cream.) Check this out, mate! Celebrate the Yuletide season with this extravagant afternoon tea set, an astonishing collaboration by Pastry Chef @bengohbg from @thelobbyloungesg & world-renown chocolate manufacturer, Valrhona. Each set consists 6 choc-based chess pieces set atop a chessboard.

Crafted & presented beautifully to us were:
1. “The King” - Valrhona Orelys Blond chocolate ganache, pear confit & cinnamon sponge. Made of Dark Mauritian muscovado sugar, the Orelys Blond had an earthy licorice flavour. Thought the pear worked surprisingly well with cinnamon sponge, but white chocolate was extremely sweet, as usual.
2. “The Queen” - Valrhona Passionfruit Inspiration cremeux, raspberry confit & almond sponge. My favourite of all for its overall fruitiness, a refreshing hit from the passionfruit mousse & a mix of sweet sour raspberry.
3. “The Rook” - Valrhona Strawberry Inspiration meringe mousse, crushed lemon confit & lemon streusel. A cross over from sweet strawberry to citrusy lemon, might not be your thing if you dislike lemons.
4. “The Knight” - Sakanti Bali Cuvée 68% dark chocolate namelaka, coconut dacquoise, dark chocolate streusel & whipped Valrhona Opalys white chocolate ganache. Chef explained the smokiness from this raw Bali chocolate where cocoa is harvested near volcanic regions. I enjoyed the burst of a creamy toasted coconut.
5. “The Bishop” - Valrhona Kidavoa chocolate mousse, with lime cremeux & pistachio glaze. Doubly fermented, hints of dried bananas were slowly released. An unexpected delight of herb amidst fruity lime & nutty pistachio.
6. “The Pawn” - Valrhona almond inspiration ganache, sweet caramel panna cotta & apricot compote. Expect really rich & nutty taste! •
Fruit concentrate powders were solely used for the gorgeous colours. Available from 1 Nov 18 - 31 Jan 19, 2-5pm daily.

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How could anyone not adore these pretty tea puffs? 😍 Exclusively created for @1872clippertea in collaboration with @dulcetnstudio, these beautifully colored puffs with craquelin cover and soft puffy base make a good dessert/afternoon tea easily. One bite in and the thick tea-infused cream filling starts oozing out! Various flavours available are earl grey (blue), eternal garden (pink), matcha (green), houjicha (brown), milk (cream) and summer passion fruit (purple). My favourite flavours were those with floral and fruity tea-infused flavours such as the earl grey and eternal garden. Lightly citrus with a hint of bergamot, the earl grey flavour is one not to be missed, especially so as it’s not overly sweet. Go for the eternal garden if you are looking for a more intense floral flavour. With rose black tea-infused, the sweet rosy flavour is so uplifting and with a tinge of milkiness. While the fruit summer passion fruit stood out as the only fruit flavour, it’s so enjoyable as the refreshing tarty note of the passion fruit hits right on the tastebuds.

Thank you @burpple for the invite and Ziqi from @1872clippertea for hosting!

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Pretty much my favourite at @taicheongsg. What more can I ask for from this wholesome toast stack; a soft, moist bed of scrambled eggs spread on top of a slice of thick airy toast. Lying beneath was a hulking portion of fried chicken chop, that retained meat juiciness even with a crispy exterior batter (but was a little hard). Fret not if you feel that the toast or the chicken chop’s a little dry, because that creamy mushroom sauce is here to save the day. That was the star of the dish, in my opinion. A mix of buttery, creamy, herbaceous, earthy flavours. There’s actually mushroom slices, not just bits. That definitely enhanced the umami and savory kick considerably!

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Singapore’s first newly opened coffee cocktail bar on Purvis Street, @78alkofelic , derived from ‘alcoholic’ and the Russian pronounciation of coffee ‘ko-fe’. Adding on to the list of coffees and alcohols that they have, there’s an extensive selection of coffee cocktails. Watch the bartenders as they whipped up each of those intriguing coffee-based cocktail creation.

My favourite that night was Romeo’s Juliet, a creation by the bartender Romeo. Delightfully smooth and light, it’s a balanced mix of Patron, Frangelico, Bailey’s and fresh milk. I enjoyed the uplifting sweet and spicy aroma especially from the cinnamon.

If you are looking for something less sweet and bitter instead, try the old fashioned coffee that has double espresso, bourbon, butters and brown sugar. But if you have a slightly sweeter tooth like me, try the ice boozy alkofee, a concoction of Cointreau, Brandy, Kahlua, Hot Coffee and Irish Cream. (Though I would have expected a more creative presentation) The buttery nipples is a popular choice too; of Vodka, Irish Cream, Coffee and Schnapps.

Enjoy 1-for-1 cocktails on ladies night every Wednesday from 6-9pm!

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Take a walk down memory lane as you step into Chin Mee Chin, one of the popular coffee shops because of the nostalgic retro feel it offers. From the deco, to the marble round tables, and the way they operate (the aunties can be loud and a lil angst!). It's almost impossible to occupy a table on your own without sharing even on an early Saturday afternoon.

Some of the items that we wanted to try like the cream puff was already sold out so we ended up with the classic kaya butter bun. In fact, I am more of a bun than the usual toast person so it was a happy find! The buns are made in house and toasted to a slightly charred aroma, taste and crispiness. But generally, they are still pretty fluffy. Of course I would be happier if the kaya spread had been more, because it's so fragrant from the Pandan and coconut milk. The sweetness was just right too. A slab of butter starts melting on top of the kaya as it absorbs heat from the warm bun, adding some fatty butteriness to the toast. I'd think if the buns were toasted over charcoal the traditional way, it would be so heavenly!


Foodie for life <3

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