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Must Try

Must Try

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Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Had been eyeing on the omakase croissant box by @sugarthieves.co for the longest time ever as I am always awed by the creativity they inject into the croissant flavours and of course, the surprise element. Thanks to the boyf who protected my croissants with his life while running in the downpour. 😝

In my croissant box last week, there were:

🥐 Truffle. Twice-baked croissant with truffled mushroom pate filled within, exuding the strong truffle aroma, topped with shaved cheese and parsley.

🥐 Spring onion. No 蔥油餅 in Taiwan? This Taiwanese spring onion flavour is sure to bring you through a space travel as if you were having the real thing in Taiwan. However, for those who dislike spring onion, the alliaceous aroma here is unusually strong with the extra spring onion and sour cream. Beware!

🥐 Apple Crumble. Felt Christmasy with this twice-baked croissant filled with almond cream, cinnamon apples, cream cheese, finished with crumble. Sweetness level right on point.

🥐 70% dark chocolate. Dark chocolate lovers rejoice! With a dark chocolate coating and dark chocolate cream injected filling, it’s nothing less than an indulgence!

🥐 Berry cheesecake. Filled with homecooked berries jam and topped with cheesecake cream, I honestly felt like I was really eating a slice of berry cheesecake.

While the boyf felt that the flavours had overshadowed the butteriness of a croissant, all I had to say was just take my calories already! Besides, the petite size was perfect for an afternoon tea. Check out their IG page for order and delivery.

If you are into old school bakes, you should really check out Hock Ann Confectionery. Chanced upon them when we first explored Tanglin Halt Food Centre in the same area, where their donuts brought on a sense of nostalgia. Still a must-have item every visit. Just as I was rejoicing over this hidden gem, it was also devastating to hear that they are closing this year due to redevelopment.

Although the cakes were embellished completely with butter cream and chocolate rice, rainbow rice or grounded peanuts, the layered sponge cake was surprisingly light. As I grew up, I became less fond of cream but the vibrant colours surely brought back so much childhood memories, especially the blueberry jam topping.

I shan’t lie. I was utterly disappointed when I couldn’t get my hands on @brotherbird_bakehouse ‘s croissants in their weekly preorder. Sold out within 30 seconds every week WITHOUT FAIL. But I can’t describe how exhilarated I was either, when I finally got thru after 3 attempts! While I understand the disbelief at the speed of their croissants being sold out, but they do deserve some ❤️ too. Because if you have read, as a small business, they are maxing out their baking capabilities with limited resources and manpower during this difficult period. Also, they definitely deserve some credit for being transparent and fair about their preorder system.

Line up of the May assorted box - Original, Dalgona Coffee, Taro “Tangyuan”, Boba Milk Tea, Ham & Cheddar, Ferrero Rocher. An unanimous hot favourite was Dalgona Coffee, made with black coffee ganache and meringue cookie. Everyone agreed that its filling had a “gao” instant coffee impression, and I have only one word to describe its bittersweet creaminess - Luscious. My other favourite was the Ferrero Rocher, of hazelnut filling, dark chocolate glaze and almonds. People were reminded of Nutella, while I appreciated the wafer biscuit amidst the hazelnut filling, resembling the chocolate itself.

No bubble tea? Treat yourself to a Boba Milk Tea croissant then! The black tea ganache wasn’t as distinctive, but you can expect real chewy tapioca pearls! Or how about Taro “Tangyuan”, Taro and coconut filling and a huge mochi slab. Couldn’t really detect the taro, maybe a hint of coconut, but lots of sticky mochi.

There are also simpler flavours like the original which is sugar glazed and the sole savoury-flavored Ham & Cheddar, made of honey baked ham, bechamel sauce and mozzarella cheese. Btw, their croissants are insanely crispy on the exterior and airy inside.

Check out their Fb page and IG for announcements on preorders.

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This deserves a huge shout out! Possibly the hot favourite of the night. Dry ’Hor fun’ wok fried flat noodles comes in a bowl served with premium A4 Kagoshima Wagyu, crispy deep-fried hor fun strips and a poached egg. Once you are ready, the staff drenches the truffle gravy over as a finish. While we all knew that the truffle was heavily-flavored, it didn’t stop us from getting mesmerized by that earthy aroma. Toss everything together and as the noodles get coated by the thick gravy, nothing but heavenly.

My second time trying out crispy hor fun apart from the first at Enjoy eating bar. The crispy hor fun here has a firmer and crispier bite, bigger and more pieces which explained why I got rather full after this. Tender beef slices had a beautiful pinkish-red colour.

Dining at @burgerandlobstersg still feels like a dream come true, especially with my favourite of the night, champagne lobster roll. Comparing to the original lobster roll which is heavy on savoury flavours, this was sweet on palate. The curious me asked if it was popular with ladies, which turned out to be the case!

Be awed by the succulent lobster chunks, doused in a luxurious, creamy, sweet Champagne Hollandaise sauce. Look at how the toasted brioche roll was stuffed, nothing but pure indulgence. Personally thought that the champagne hollandaise sauce complemented the fragrant butteriness of the slightly crisp roll. Just scream with pleasure, at such decadence in life.


With @burgerandlobstersg now opened at Raffles Hotel, you can easily get your lobster fix without having to travel all the way to Jewel. If you have heard about their Lobster Rolls, why not try them?

The classic original lobster roll is a must try, especially if your palates are heavy on savoury. Featuring chilled chunks of lobster meat, tossed and dressed in creamy lemon mayo, stuffed in a toasted brioche roll. Notice how the chunks are overflowing between the warm, pillowy buns that were filled with a prominent butter flavour. Sinking our teeth into the stunning juicy lobster meat, there was a complexity in flavours ranging from sweet, briny to a complementing, refreshing tanginess. Nothing short of a deep satisfaction.

Accompanied with fries, salad, chives and lemon and garlic butter, which we happily dunked our lobster chunks into.


I had been eyeing on this Nasi Lemak Tower from @colonialclubsg for the longest time ever. Such an aesthetically pleasing tower, how could I say no?

Stacked like a burger, starting with otak otak as the base, followed by some fragrant blue pea coconut rice, cucumber slices, fried egg, beef rendang before topping it off with fried crisps. Served alongside sambal, achar, peanut and anchovies. While the rice could have been better with more intense coconut milk aroma, the slow-cooked beef rendang was really flavorful. The star in this dish, however, was the otak otak, with considerable fieriness. 😂 Probably stole the limelight. Top it all of with a lil sweet sambal for a flavorful experience!

This place, especially with its famous claypot hokkien mee, probably doesn’t require much introduction. Choose the way you want your noodles to be served from 3 different serving styles - on plate, on opeh leaf (from the betel nut palm), or in a claypot like ours.

Served simmering in a piping hot broth that was so full of seafood-y umami flavours, the mixture of yellow noodles and thick beehoon was even more mouthwatering after soaking up some of the soup stock. Unfortunately the wok hei was very slight and would have been much preferred to be more intensified. Discover the hidden gems in this pot of goodness - squid slices, clams, peeled prawns, pork lard, pork slices and the star of the pot, those alluring sio bak, or roasted pork, which enhanced the overall savoury flavour with its golden-brown crispiness. Don’t forget their sambal chilli to go along, not too spicy, but definitely adds an extra oomph. For the portion, the price was really worthwhile.

Happy Birthday Singapore! 🇸🇬 What’s a better way than to enjoy a good nostalgic tea break with your loved one? After the closing of Chin Mee Chin, I guess this would be my choice to come to for an old school kaya toast treat.

It’s so satisfying just by looking at them toast the buns till fluffy with crispy edges, and the smearing of a thick traditional Hainanese Kaya. The donut was pretty decent too, not as greasy and sweet as the traditional types which I would have preferred, but that’s just the unhealthy me. I loved my yuan yang while the boyf was happy with his Kopi gao. Could almost imagine them filtering with the traditional coffee sock filter in those metal cans!


@fortheloveofcreatures has taken its rendition of this local fare to a whole new level, with a touch of royalty. In a bowl much bigger than my face, there lies wok fried noodles in rich fragrant prawn broth, served with 2 fresh crayfishes, tiger prawns and squid, topped with generous serving of crispy pork lard, tobiko and a side of home-made sambal belacan.

Explosion of umami was beyond imagination, especially evident in the rich prawn broth, which I repeatedly drenched over the noodles. As if the savoriness wasn’t enough, tobiko was delightfully added which brings along a mildy salted taste and a popping experience. My only complaint was the crayfish were a little dry and the prawns could have been more juicy. Stir in their home-made sambal belacan for a spicy kick, and a hint of shrimp flavour. Having tasted such an atas Hokkien Mee, I have no regrets in life. 😍

Reservations are highly recommended for 2 seatings; 6pm and 8.30pm. As we were present for the first seating, a miscommunication of the time we had to clear the table resulted in some unhappiness. I would think that diners should never be told to change tables in the midst of their meals. Afterall, you would like to enjoy a lovely meal in peace, wouldn’t you?

Joining the Butterfly Pea Nasi Lemak scene, @momokitchensg is a cozy, homely eating place at Jalan Bukit Merah that serves Malaysian fare such as Nasi Lemak and Penang Prawn Noodles.

Tucking into the baby blue-colored rice, I was first presented with a strong boost of aroma, distinctly accentuated by coconut milk. Grains were distinct yet fluffy. Accompanying on the side were roasted ikan bilis and peanuts, fresh cucumber slices and a slice of omelette topped on the rice. The star, the succulent chicken leg. As much as I was tempted to have the signature rendang, the throat didn’t allow for that. Despite so, the lemongrass chicken didn’t let down. Sous vide, the juicy chicken meat was easily torn off and was packed with citrus, aromatic flavours as the saucy lemongrass on top seeped through. Paired with a sambal that leaned towards the sweet without much spicy kick.

I’d probably be back to try the signature rendang chicken Nasi Lemak and Penang prawn noodles. Highly recommended to make reservations as seats are pretty limited and seemed short handed. (I did through Facebook for my previous visit, but they seemed to have missed it out though.) Note that the location might be a little out of the way.

🕙 10am - 3pm (Mon, Wed to Fri), 11.30am - 8.30pm (Sat & Sun). Closed on Tuesdays.

How can I ever resist alluring desserts! Helmed by Pastry Chef Yann Brys, who was awarded Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011, the highest accolade for pastry chefs in France, @asummerinparis_singapore is the perfect place to have a relaxing afternoon tea with some exquisite cakes in a gorgeous contemporary chic setting.

A unanimous hot favourite was this “green apple”, Pompom. A dense layer of nutty pistachio tea cake sits on top of the crumbly citrus shortbread that sets a solid texture for the dessert’s base. Hidden beneath the glossy shell, the green apple cream and jelly was brilliantly created to be light, refreshing instead of sour. Simply enjoy all layers with each bite, as the airy citrusy cream meets the heavier base, and you will find your tastebuds dancing. How lucky we were to have the last piece available. Now who’s in with me for the next trip to A Summer In Paris?

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Foodie for life <3

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