Must Try

Must Try

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Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Grabbed the Taro Mochi double-baked croissant, a weekend special. Think a slightly dense croissant packed fully with an earthy yam purée, which reminded me of Orh nee. Slicing it revealed the cubes of sticky mochi, good to have but I have never been a fan of mochi. What was great was its moderate sweetness, although could have been more buttery.


Read about their basque burnt cheesecake so often that I just had to try for myself. Only available for a season, the lychee rose basque burnt cheesecake earned praises from the family for its meltingly good texture and a rich, savoury cream cheese flavour. Made with 3 different types of cheese in the creamy oozy middle, and an evenly burnt top, the overall taste was balanced yet addictive! In addition, the juicy lychee bits complemented extremely well with the delicate rose flavor. Will be back for the other flavours soon!

I can’t remember when did I start falling in love with Kougin-amann but it has become a pastry that I must have alongside a 🥐. They have their own BKA, but I chose the traditional one that’s alluring as it’s so deliciously flaky yet slightly dense on the inside. I love the caramelized sugar coating for its crisp which was surprising since the sweetness was reasonable. Just imagine how buttery it is, as it’s laminated with Elle & Vire 82% French butter and made with 2-day fermented dough.

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I was totally sold just by those grilled, juicy king prawns. And who would have thought they would make such fine embellishments to the bed of simmered rice that’s spruced up by Ulam Raja asian herbs? Just when we were guessing for it to be risotto, we were told that it’s Thai Jasmine rice. What a surprise! Brimming with rich savoury flavours, especially with my favourite ammonia-filled century egg. The only thing that I dislike in the dish, fart-y petai. 😶


An atas gado gado 😂. Highly recommending this especially if you are a Gado Gado lover. Swimming in a sweet, aromatic sauce loaded with chopped peanuts, the squid was seared till tender, while exhibiting a subtle char. Don’t forget to mop up the nutty sauce with some crispy fish crackers!

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One of my favourites of the night! So much going on with the chunk of sweet flower crab meat, soy-cured quail eggs and cilantro oil. Hidden between these and the crispy toast was some fresh yoghurt which elevated the creaminess. In case you would like to have a taste of the yoghurt on its own, a dab of it was served by the side. Make sure you finish this in one bite to ride on this fresh, sweet, crispy adventure!

Calling this a delight would just be an understatement. This creative rendition, deconstructs the actual dish into 2 separate blocks with the bottom being the carrot (white radish) cake with chye poh (preserved radish), and the top being baked eggs. The blocks had a firm texture, something that you probably wouldn’t associate with the real chai tow kuay. With the sweet kecap manis drizzled over, and the addictive belacan that packs a punch, I like how the entire dish was full of flavour. Make sure you taste both blocks in a bite for the complete experience!

@laut.singapore, yet another food establishment that serves my favourite ModSin cuisine. I mean, what’s even better than support local, right? Derived from the Malay word for sea, Laut’s creative twist in their dishes with a strong focus on the region’s produce was more than what I welcomed.

Would this remind you of the local Orh luak? Probably not, but the overall taste could likely ring a bell. Served on a bed of steamed egg custard, the fresh poached oysters from @seafarmersubin paired with some crunchy sea grapes was indeed an authentic representation of the sea. While we were wondering what those white balls were, they were starch balls made to mimic the starch in Orh luak.

While I am savouring the traditional satay, I am also reminiscing on the charcoal-grilled Iberico satay I had some time back at @porestaurant. Other than their fun classic popiah DIY set, you should also try this crowd pleaser.

Although slightly pricey at $21 for 3 skewers, it was worth every penny. Marinated over 12 hours with a secret spice blend, the tender Iberico pork was flavourful yet exuding a smokiness from its nice char. It is of no surprise since the skewers were grilled over charcoal. Accompanied by a peanut dip of what seems to be Hainanese style, I enjoyed both the sweetness and acidity of the pineapple chutney hidden within, and a unique touch of the ginger’s spiciness.

It seems like you should never leave Po without trying their Popiahs, be it the classic, prawn or fresh flower crab set. Paying tribute to traditional home recipes, Po’s popiah platters are probably one of the most painstakingly prepared popiahs you can find.

Not just the fact that the jicama, carrots and Holland peas are hand-cut, the other ingredients in the filling such as pork, shrimp and bamboo shoots had intense flavours, all thanks to the long hours of stewing and caramelization. Also probably the reason why the filling is overly moist that made it slightly tougher to be wrapped. The platter also includes fresh handmade wheat skins, lettuce, beansprouts, crispy flatfish as well as all the toppings such as egg, crushed peanuts, crispy shallots and coriander sprigs. I especially enjoyed their sauces; housemade chili sauce, sweet sauce and ground garlic.

It’s the first time I have had flatfish in a popiah so that was rather unique as it brought along a subtle pungency with slight char yet elevating the savoury elements in the popiah. Contrastingly, the sweet sauce was a good match. Perhaps some might find it pricey, afterall the ingredients could easily be obtained at a lower price, but I wouldn’t mind for the experience. 4 pieces of popiah skins, good for sharing between 2. They also meticulously prepared a step-by-step guide for enjoying your DIY popiah.

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The other snack that was served was the crispy chicken chips, that were astonishingly made of deep fried chicken breast (we also want to know how 😂). We were left unbelievable as we originally thought they were rice crackers as it was unusually crispy, and we made the staff repeat herself just so we could verify it was indeed chicken breast. Served with a dollop of onion sour cream and ebiko.

How heartwarming it is to know about the friendship between 2 young Singaporean chefs that eventually fuelled to the birth of People who know me well would know that modern Asian/fusion cuisine is my favourite cuisine among all, so I was really elated to dine here for my birthday. And to hear from Chef Alex @himynameisap himself the stories behind each dish, the injection of creativity by using unsung ingredients was truly inspiring. Resonates so much that it will probably serve as a reminder for my own creations.

Began the gastronomical adventure with 2 ‘snacks’. Kueh pie tee, of a different Peranakan rendition made with an Assam pedas espuma, eggplant, cherry tomato and topped with okra slices. Creamy, moderately spicy, sweet and sour, all in one bite. Of course, extra points earned when it’s so aesthetically pleasing.

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Foodie for life <3

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