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SG: In search of the perfect cafe

SG: In search of the perfect cafe

still searching for that perfect cafe- w jazzy music, mismatched furniture, lots of sunlight, comfort food done well, and a killer espresso macchiato
Smitten Angel
Smitten Angel
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The SUP version of the croque Madame is.... Strange. Granted, there are a lot of variations of this ham and cheese sandwich, but the tangy tomato hollandaise is just way too bizarre. Also the cheese is cheddar which doesn't provide a counterpoint to the already salty parma ham. It was edible.... But I wouldn't order it again. Ps. My favorite croque monsieur is at Roast cafe in Bangkok.

My favorite dish here and a stellar example of "simple food done well". Only 3 ingredients coming together perfectly, and a splash of truffle oil for the luxe factor.
🚗 : limited parking outside the shop

After the tragic demise of wa cafe Chinatown point, I found this cosy cafe near my office for my Matcha latte fix. Unfortunately the food here is too healthy for my taste, especially after they recently removed rice bowls from the menu (except for salmon rice bowl which I hate). Can't have it all I guess!
🚇 : Chinatown MRT

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Tasty roasted pork bowl but the "meat" was 90% fat, even fat-loving me found this dish too jelak. Second visit here and so far I would say the localised cafe food they offer is hit or miss - hae bee hiam pasta $17.90+ has no HBH at all, more like a chilli oil pasta. Muar otah toast $15.90+ is great, but the walnut bread that they serve it on is too hard for me (would prefer a softer bread like Brioche). But the drinks are unique (I like the Matchaccino), it's in my hood, and has a more local clientele vs. Baker & Cook at the other end of the block.
🚗 : parking very limited due to residential (landed houses) location.
💡 : you can get small discounts ($2-5) if you order via the eatsy app.


3 fluffy blueberry pancakes with an assortment of fruity bits. Feeds 2 pax really. I generally like the food here but the espressos are unpleasantly acidic so I would advise sticking to milk based coffees such as flat white.

💡off-topic: espressos at stamping ground nearby are the best in the hood but the food is meh, i get so conflicted on weekends #firstworldproblems

🚗 : on Sundays you can park along single yellow line on opposite side of the road. Otherwise, parking is a bitch (unless of course you are a true Eastie who knows all the secret spots #sorrynotsorry)

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These pricey cakes become affordable with #burpplebeyond 1-for-1 deals. The goma (Black sesame) cake was fluffy, mild and not too sweet. I found signature Le omm (green tea) rather strange with tasteless sponge interspersed with artifical tasting green tea cream and jarringly sweet azuki (red bean). To be fair I dislike red bean. Nice to see actual baking going on at the premises. American coffee ($4.50+) came in a cheap looking paper cup (hate!!!!) although I was dining in. Still prefer cake spade nearby for their dense, moist and rich cakes (+ proper coffee cups).

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Not my fave flavors (mango "yolk" and coconut "egg white"), but defo one of the most fun desserts on the menu. You get to crack the "egg" and add maple syrup and cinnamon powder, which are served in old school soy sauce and pepper bottles. If you order a long black (unlike my macchiato) they will serve it in the traditional kopitiam cup to complete the picture.

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Almost too pretty to nom. Not the cheapest durian cake at $9.90 + 10% service tax per pop, but very high quality ingredients and plenty of effort in crafting the individual "thorns". This remains one of the rare sg cafes that produce Instagrammable desserts that are actually delicious.

❗❗❗ATTENTION DIE HARD 麻辣 FANS!!! This pasta is slathered with authentic mala dressing that is salty, oily, umami and chock full of 花椒. It blew my mind, truly (I ordered the most spicy version BTW). The staff said that the sauce is made in house (true or not idk). Buttermilk Chix is juicy and well fried too, but a bit bland for my super strong taste buds. With 酥肉 will be PERFECTION 💯
[update May 2019: Chix now overdone and dry, using old oil. might give them one more chance to redeem themselves. ]
⚠️ not for the average Singaporean who is used to that lame sauce that every MLXG stall has these days (ie. Just spicy without the numbing)
💡 Don't waste your stomach on the waffles
🚗 : plentiful open air ERP parking in front of block 332, use the Ave 8 entrance to avoid horrible u-turn along Ave 1.


Came here since my friend needs to eat gf + df, but we didn't realise that the new iteration (Butcher's Wife) is no longer Dairy free. Only the steak is df now - none of the brunch options are df because all the breads have dairy in them. Pictured is faina (a kind of pancake) with smoked salmon, avo and fried egg. Very small portions as you can see there was only ONE pancake (3" diameter) and four miserable blobs of salmon. Insufficient mix of textures- everything on this plate was mushy except for the cress (I'm a very texture oriented eater though). Preferred the ODP menu! Pass!

Yet another boring mall cafe. Nothing much to say about this place, except do use your entertainer app here cos I surely wouldn't pay full price for such basic dishes! Note that their scrambled eggs are like the macdonalds kind, not runny. And bacon used here is English style back bacon not crispy american style bacon.

Being a driver I'm always in search of driver friendly and ulu cafes. This one is ulu enough but somehow does not give me a relaxed vibe. The tables inside are very close together and makes me feel like I'm eating in a sterile cafeteria environment (not cosy). The tables in the al fresco area are more generously spaced, but with Singapore heat is not enjoyable in the day. The best views of the river are blocked by the kids play area. Kids and dog friendly. Menu focuses on comfort fusion food - Pleasing but not gastronomic.
🚗 Plenty of non sheltered cashcard parking nearby (have to insert cashcard, not full ERP).


*a very picky Omnomnomnivore* #realfoodreviews #notafoodblogger #eastiesarefoodies #norabbitfood

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