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Meat Lovers' Delight

Meat Lovers' Delight

Featuring Dulcet & Studio (Liang Court), Jewel Cafe + Bar, Peony Jade Restaurant (Keppel Club), The Chop House (VivoCity), IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), mezza9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore), SKIRT, Brotzeit (VivoCity), Diamond Kitchen (Marine Parade), Chikuyotei (InterContinental Singapore)
Ah Leong San
Ah Leong San
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This is one the few Japanese restaurant that serve a great lamb rack. Cooked perfectly well the pair of lamb rack is tasty and tender. Posted by Ah Leong San 2015 September 8

Very well done steak. Chop house has not disappointed me since I first ate here.

This is sautéed beef cubes, wild mushrooms with sweet potatoes. Very tender and tasty beef.

This roast meat has very crispy skin and flavorful layered of fat and meat. Best eaten with rice or better still with alcohol.

This is just like the one in Bayswater, London. It's a traditional roast duck unlike the present very crispy skinned roast duck. Eaten without the accompanying sauce its tasty and flavorful meat comes out well. With the sauce it's a different kind of sweetness that similar to the London duck. Try it to see if you like it. I do.

It's an ok dish but value for money as they serve you quite a bit more beef than elsewhere.

One of the best roast duck in any Chinese Restuarant in town.

A well seasoned and grilled lamb rack. Tender and tasty. Belly good.

A good steak that's tender and the serving of peppercorns sauce is one of the best I've had with a steak. Will come back to try their pizza which is the thin crust type. My fav.

Very tender oxtail meat and tasty stew. I'd have ordered rice if I was very hungry.

The best test for a tender lamb shank is to use just the fork to cut into it. When it comes off easily that's a sign of tender meat. Next is the taste and this shank passed both tests. Go try it.