🍭Sweet Tooth Of Mine🍰

🍭Sweet Tooth Of Mine🍰

Featuring Pique Nique (Ngee Ann City), St. Marc Café (VivoCity), The Marmalade Pantry at The Stables, Ootoya Japanese Restaurant (Orchard Central), Dessert Project, Dolce Tokyo ([email protected]), Starbucks Reserve (United Square), Blackball (The Star Vista), Raffles Singapore, Twelve Cupcakes (Marina Square)
Steve G
Steve G

Nothing beats a strawberry Mochii ever since we get hooked on one in Japan. Surprise to find this in Hong Kong. Not bad at all. Love the texture chewy yet soft. This one can’t even encapsulate the whole strawberry.


There are comfort food and there are food that makes you really comfortable. Admittedly I am not much of a dessert person except for that occasional cheese cake. Generally preferring savoury to sweet. This rice cake at BoaF was something that's caught my eye for awhile but have not tried. It's home-made glutinous rice cake 糍粑 (you heard me right, that's how the waitress introduced the item) with generous snowing of roasted peanut, kinako (soybean powder) pomegranate, chilli powder and drizzle in the red sugar 紅糖 caramel. That warm fuzzy savoury yet sweet and spicy flavour just makes you feel like falling in love all over again.


This never fails to bring a smile no matter how grey the sky may be... The winning combination of berries, sour cream, homemade PB, and raspberry ice cream on crusty warm waffle made fresh on order, arhhh, mmm, woooow. P.S. This is only 1/3 of the serving for a regular plate. And they provide a half size option!


Where cheese cake is concerned the strong influence of Japanese Patisserie is obvious in recent years with the cheese cakes textures turning more refined, silky smooth, lighter (what irony, regardless it's still a slab of cheese & cream) almost too posh to be nice. I love my cheese cake New York style, with greater density, richer and even if it's slightly rougher on the edge, so what? That's what true cheese cake is about. The rendition at Birds comes with a generous coat of salted caramel which goes so well with the savoriness of the cheese cake. Perfect way to bring all the Mala heatiness around its dishes to a great finale!


For mango lovers! The name of this dessert is so unsuspecting and perhaps lacks the creativity which comes with this creatively plated desert. The double walled glass comes with a petite serving of mango infused rice, with mango cubes and mango ice cream. What certainly captures your attention is the ball of mango candy floss on top of the glass. When you are ready for indulgence pour the mango syrup onto the candy floss and let it melt into the glass.... ohhhh yesssss!


Lovely silky smooth panna cotta goes perfectly well with the biscotti and raspberry jam. The sesame flavours was a surprising but interesting twist which gives this an almost immediate oriental twist.


Off the menu item, as a special surprise dessert. The soft centre of the meringue is soft like a marshmallow and even with the thick vanilla cream, the whole dessert is so light and refreshing, with the fruit cubes of watermelon, rock melon, honey dew and blueberries appearing to floating in this cloud of sheer delight. Thanks to the fuzzychef.


Steve G

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