hawker relish

hawker relish

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Fabian Poon
Fabian Poon

breakfast should be char siew and yellow noodles like forever. also, it likely can be your breakfast only because the decades old 肥肥's self roasted char siew is only ready like 10.30 but they can sell out as fast as a hour half, yes that fast! but first, brave the queue for at least 30 minutes before you see slices of that heavenly char siew from the collective bowl drop onto your plate of super q noodles. most slices come fatty ready but i usually still try my luck for 半肥瘦带黑 (fatty lean with slight char) - you know stuff that your heart will scream further in protest? i choose to please the soul not the body temple.


queue at heng heng fish soup starts again at the reopening of 505 food centre after months haitus. clear light soup with a fried garlicky punch, is the slice fish that are definitely the main attraction here. generously thick and specially firm, the freshness is without saying ($5). the bonus comes from the super shiok sambal chili which itself is worthy of mentioning too! even the mid-day sun won't stop you dunking the slices into the fiery chili and washing it down with the hot soup. worth it. #burpplebestofjurong


what's for breakfast? honestly nothing beats eating freshly made bites made painstakingly by hand. at lai heng, they sell nothing but just petite bite size teochew kuehs; rice kueh, soon kueh and chinese chives kueh. perfect for breakfast or that little afternoon snack indulgence.

the extra touch here had to be the option to pan fry your kuehs. quality of skin is already a lovely thin and chewy to begin with (especially the soon and chinese chives) but that extra crisp and char after frying really up the game. for a real authentic treat, go with the chinese chives fillings which they serve generously. then, drizzle with complimentary dark sweet sauce and have a hearty one, teochew style at only $0.70 - $0.90 / pc.


yes tuas i know. but this fish soup ($5) is legit. fish slices are handsomely thick, firm and not overly salty. you know soup base is light and comforting because you get a whiff of the immersed lettuce parfume. you can even up your soup game at whim because bottle of hua tiao wine, fried shallots and spring onions are all at your disposal. but you will want to remember to ask for that serving of freshly fried egg floss for that eggy oily finish. all in and drink to your heart's content. welcome to tuas.


so i've been hunting down this stall like forever? once i had them in jb but it wasn't spectacular. then at batok but it was not them at all! so "heart grey one cold" and procrastination took over.. till now. one mouth and i realised i have not been living. .

quite sure they sell skin, not meat though. i mean, omggg the roast pork skin is just unlike any?! it has this finessed crustiness from the first bite to end, almost soot like for the lack of better word (but in a good sense). char siew cuts are huge on this visit, fatty major but the little caramelised skin on it already outdoes it. needless to say that shimmering roast duck skin is equally outstanding, almost coming with a crisp and crack. boy, delayed gratification never felt so good!


i need beef tonight and this medium rare pink on my striploin alone is well worth my $20. side of vegetable ratatouille is just full of awesomeness. am a fan here.


i know, i know there is another famous stall around here. but how do i not support the stall that i have been patronising since childhood? must have been what, coming 40 years and standing strong? unlike places that uses rock sugar, chin hock uses pure chinese herbs in their soup and licorice root for that sweet finish. too herbal you say? wrong. this heavy concoction of herbs is surprisingly well balanced and come together harmiously to tame that gamey taste that you usually register. so it feels all comforting and easy to drink this tasty, even tonic soup if i may. their super fork tender mutton meat is also worthy of mention because they only choose young baby lambs. again, 3 decades making mutton soup, their mutton game has to be strong here! #burpplebtfc
chin hock mutton soup, #02-156


penang just got closer at $3.50; coconut-milk and cockles free. salivate immediately at the whiff of the assam fragrance when you receive your order. this is as close as you get; sourish piquant tang of everything penang assam laksa. think belacan, heh ko/prawn paste, lemon grass, assam and my favourite, mint leaves all mixed harmiously together in a fish broth. wish they go overdrive in taste and spiciness but sure enough to excite your buds already. a satisfactory bowl definitely! #burpplebtfc.

Penang Signature Assam Laksa #02-28

dad been asking me to try this stall at yuhua market (along the same row of hua xing bak kut teh). for someone who prides himself doing a decent bowl of prawn noodle himself, i had to check it out. .

think they seriously 亏钱卖 cause how can this crazy big bowl of dry pork ribs prawn noodles be $5?! i counted 5 big pieces can, and they came fork tender! dry noodles but it came very flavorful from the fried shallots and shallot oil with good crunch in between from the generous amount of blanched bean sprouts and kang kong. soup is balanced and comforting, so is very easy to enjoy. very hearty lunch indeed!


when you are activated for driving duty early in the morning but you don't mind. loving chewy kueh was like under a torrential peanuts rain before serving up. ratio of peanuts to kueh is just totally off the charts but shut up and just take my money! p.s: time yourself and pray you get a slice fresh off the pan though. price is rock steady and inflation free at $0.80 per piece.


when in marsling, eat this. and always remember to ask for "半肥瘦" for your char siew. is like 50/50 fats and meat. but thats just half the order won. victory is only yours when they really "browse" through their stock to find you your cut. funny why one is happy when you further dealt your body with ill damage when you find charred bits on your meat.


finally! with not much of a queue too. this is not meant to wow or a certain component that is outrageously good. but perhaps the most well balanced, most vinegarly harmonised comfort bowl. afternote: trying a second time, gotta admit, they aced the pig liver


happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to have coffee.

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